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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 32 – April 21, 2011

Howdy Pardner! Wow, did that sound Texan or what? I must warn you, today I may not make any sense (OK even less than any other day). I have been working in cleaning and packing the parking room, which has been used as a warehouse for past few years. Oh baby! That's a TASK! Diva worked with me most of the day. You would've laughed. It was like the two stooges. Remember I told you that I tend to get easily distracted? Well, Diva is even more than me. So, whenever I remembered what I was supposed to be doing, I had to remind her of what she was supposed to be doing. It was hard for both of us to stay on task, but we did! We are almost done. Earlier this year water came into the room and many boxes were humid. This ended up being a wonderful opportunity to make space for more important things! Otherwise, had those boxes been intact, I would have not even opened them and carried their now useless contents to the new palace.

But let's start at the beginning. This morning with Mr. Grasshopper was uneventful. We were both in a great mood and things just flowed. I came back home after dropping him off and started packing with Diva, who offered to bring us some delicious coffee. After working at it for several hours, we took a break and went out to lunch. Yummy. And after lunch…guess. Yes! Ice-cream!!!! Who could ask for a better day? We came back home and continued our chores. We haven't finished but have definitely put a dent on it. I took a load of stuff for donation and we took two boxes of books to a second-hand bookstore. I'm afraid my shredder may give up after the batch I have ready to shred!

I loved your advice on how to stretch time! I tried it today but must have not been "all there" as I did not get the sensation that time was stretched or stopped. Will keep on trying and will keep you posted!

Guess where I found Mr. Whiskers today? Underneath a shrub right outside the parking room! I squatted close to him and talked to him. He just stared at me with his beautiful green eyes, turned around and went to sleep. Ah! The joy of being magnificent!

Today I had a moment of clarity. As I was thinking about money and how elusive it is to me, I realized that even though I have given the advice from the Boys numerous times on the subject of money, I had not completely made it my own. "Do not make money the measure of your abundance." "Think about how money feels and not the presence or the lack of it." I finally got it! I am soo happy!!!!

Today I received a call from the Poet inviting me for breakfast tomorrow. Common sense would prevent me from accepting the invitation, but we have already established that I am more like a child (see? I knew that would come in handy one day!) and of course I accepted. I had promised her a session with The Boys and tomorrow may be a great day for that. Our dear MayanReader is here and she would love to have a session as well, so we will do both. I would love for the House Whisperer to be there, but The Boys are still a little too much for her and I respect her position.

I also talked to Mrs. Yum and laughed a lot as I was helping her fill out an online dating profile.

Well, I better go to bed. I am so tired I can hardly feel my feet! Hehehe I bet you I will sleep well tonight.

I hope you do too. I hope your dreams reveal that which you have been wondering.

Happy revelations!


Patricia Designs said...

You are decluttering your space and what a great feeling that gives you. To get rid of the old energy, sitting there accumulating dust.

I always thought that you will be so knowledgeable about the Boys' message and thanks to this blog I'm amazed to find out that you are like us, trying to get there.

You are doing a great job, you are always in great spirit, grateful, funny, like a child; and this is a great inspiration.

Thank you for making time to write this blog.

Monina said...

Te había escrito un post largo y risueño que ya no podré reescribir.
Pero me salió un cartelito que me dice que lo siente pero que no ha podido llevar a cabo "mi "operación".
En fin: te decía que me encanta saber
a) que vivimos el tiempo de manera parecida, yo siempre digo que me faltan dos sentidos, el sentido común y el del tiempo. Y me hace feliz no tenerlos.
Vivir sin la noción del tiempo como los niños es maravilloso
b) Y que me encanta leerte porque siempre algo me queda resonando: "Do not make money the measure of your abundance." ¡¡Yo estoy aprendiendo!! Adoro saber que estamos aprendiendo juntas.

Te decía que amo este blog... y muchas cosas más... Pero lo más importante es esto: TE QUIERO Y AMO AMO LEERTE!!


Monina said...

Yupiiiiiiiiiiiii ¡¡esta vez sí me lo ha aceptado!!!! Tal vez el otro era demasiado largoooo.



circe said...

YO tengo las coordenadas espacio tiempo pero no sé dónde las pongo!!! jajaja.

Well...I loved today post. I'm glad you liked the time didn't work because you were not in a hurry, I mean a real hurry..and it only works in this situation, at least for me!!

So packing is the issue eh? hahaha, I am just expecting to see how all this evolves!!!