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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 34 – April 23,2011

Last night I went to bed right after I spoke with you. Just before turning my light off Diva came to my nest to talk. The conversation got interesting, as is the usual case with Diva, and we decided to bring an old friend out. The letter board! I had found it while rearranging the contents of a box I found on top of a bookshelf. It had remained untouched for two years and a half, and it was covered with the appropriate amount of dust to confirm it! I had forgotten how convenient it was for me to use this board to talk to the Boys. It is fun watching how the little plastic "thingy" (this word was adopted from Diva's vocabulary when she was younger) points out the letters, one by one, which start forming a message. We had fun, however, I got once again the confirmation that I don't need it. The answers come to me way before the "thingy" starts moving. So I decided not to put my fingers on it so not to involuntarily affect the answers. Still. The same answers that were popping up inside of me were showing up on the board. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience. Like bringing out the old Monopoly board at a family gathering.
First thing this morning was a call from Lord 1. He informed me the new palace will be ready for occupation and I can pick up the keys to my kingdom on Monday. I am so excited to know that I will be living right next door to them! It will be so much fun! The Manager came over bright and early this morning to help out with the packing. I am so grateful to her and to the universe for providing me with everything I need to make this move as easy and smooth as possible! We had a wonderful time. We divided and conquered!
Moving has brought up this very special feeling within me. It is a feeling of expectation, of openness. It is like knowing that changes are obviously coming but not being able to define which shape they are about to take. This, along with the changes I have noticed in my intuitiveness, make for a very exhilarating emotion. I figure it must be the same type of emotion that people feel right before they jump off a plane when skydiving. And since these are big questions that call for big answers, today again I brought the board out. Hehehe. It feels a little bit like cheating, but just a little bit.
Mrs. Yum was here, she had come to help with the packing (of which, I must confess, we did very little once she started using the board). It was so funny, because years ago she was so scared of it. She could've sworn you would attract negative entities. Now that she knows that there is not an evil force waiting to trap you, she had so much fun playing with it. At some point I had gone into the parking room to bring some more boxes in and when I came back in I heard her say, "Oh, I need to ask a question," and immediately sit in front of the board. We laughed so hard! It was the funniest thing. She left here determined to buy herself a board! Again, I got my confirmation, I don't really need it. The answers are all within me. But we had a blast with our Q&A session. Then it was time for dinner. We had been having so much fun and did not realize how hungry we were. So Diva, Mrs. Yum and I went out for delicious Mexican food.
After Mrs. Yum left it was time to call the Converts for a session with The Boys. Ladylust was with them and the session lasted for over 2 hours! It is always a wonderful experience when Mr. Convert asks questions, as his questions are not your run of the mill questions. He asks very profound and transcendental questions, and the answers are always amazing. We all learn so much from these interactions!
My butterfly today was BEAUTIFUL!! She was so BIG and gorgeous. She came into the parking room to greet me and to confirm that life is beautiful and that the universe adores me. She was yellow.
It's getting late (time…) and I must get up early for our Sunday Morning Call with Gorgeous DownUnder and the Sunday Morning Gang. Do join us if you have a moment! Here's the link: I hope to hear you there!
I am in awe of the amount of emails I have received from you. THANK YOU! I am so impressed by the fact that you can understand these words even when you don't speak this language. It is your heart who is doing all the reading! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to send a note or leave a comment. These are all like fuel to my determination to go on with this fun challenge.


Patricia Designs said...

I enjoyed the Sunday morning call, especially when the BOYS mentioned to ask that understanding will come to me when I am aligned to it. It has happened to me when the understanding arrives after several months or years...then I get it.
Right now I am still dealing with asthma that does not want to go away.
Have a great sleep.

circe said...

How cozy to talk again about the's been somehow present to me these days too...When I tried it the last time, nothing, but it's ok,...maybe I'm a bit hard on it, don't big deal...I loved this post of today!!!