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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 37 – April 26, 2011

This has been a great lesson in letting go. Packing to move I mean. I have let go of so many things! But still, I realize that I hang on to a lot of stuff. Boxes and boxes of "stuff" that I'm not ready to part with or that I don't want to spend the time sorting out. It's amazing the amount of paper that one can produce, isn't it? Mr. Grasshopper has earned some good money shredding old documents. The problem with paper is that you cannot just throw it away, you have to look at each piece and determine if it needs to be filed, tossed or shredded. See why I love the spiritual world? There you don't have to deal with filing and shredding! J On the other hand, what a great feeling when you finish shredding a big pile of paper! I discovered the shreds are excellent for packing delicate stuff. Every cloud has a silver lining, there's no doubt about that!
Before I start telling you about my day, let me tell you about my night. Well…. Last night I went to sleep after talking to you and doing a little bit more packing in the cooking room. I was pretty tired so I just went straight to my nest. At about 2 am I woke up to this horrible stench. I just couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I thought maybe Tripod or Freckles had had an accident or something. Nothing. So I sat up to meditate and realized the stench came from both dogs. We recently changed their nutritional intake and it is definitely not agreeing with them! Now I laugh, but it wasn't funny at 2 am. The smell was so bad that even Diva woke up to it! Happy to report that it's much better now after talking to the PetWhisperer and following his wise advice. Whew! We are so much happier now! J
The morning started with pancakes and the Grasshopper. We had a nice morning chat and then drove off to the learning house. After that I went to work. Diva drove me so we took that opportunity to chat as well. I had a nice day at work, and I believe a very productive one as I was able to finish some pretty long projects. Mrs. Meow was very talkative with me today. She's a nice lady. I've heard some negative things about her but I must remain positive. Aware, but positive. I personally enjoy her conversations. As I left for the day, the world stopped, the sky started spinning, violins started playing, the water parted and I saw HIM walking down the street! What a sight! See how easy it is to make me happy? Just a quick look at HIM and my day has been complete. Hehe, just like a teenager.
After that it was the usual: pick up the Grasshopper, homework, home, packing, etc., etc. We are almost done, but not quite there yet. Tomorrow I will take several trips to the new palace and a new story begins. And speaking of stories, I think the new stories begin way before we think they begin. It is not endings and beginnings but just the soft morphing of one long continuous story. But that's just me.
Today was a very special day. Want to know why? Really? Oh well, if you insist! Well, today was special because I saw both a hawk and a butterfly! The first one was standing on a telephone wire right outside my palace, he was just there, being and looking strong, powerful and magnificent; and the butterfly came to greet me this morning as I was leaving the palace to take Grasshopper to the learning house. It was a tiny greenish little thing. So cute! She was busy doing things and didn't have time to stop and chat.
Mr. Whiskers was around today as well. I found him on top of the trash container again as I was trying to feed the container. It was like déjà-vu, I asked politely for him to leave and he gave me the same disdainful look and jumped off.
I do feel a lot of excitement when I think that I have been a channel for centuries. I find it fascinating! There is no coincidence that we are all here at the same time. That I'm a channel on the 21st century and that you are reading this blog. It is all in the agreement. I'm just grateful that we made this agreement! I love being around this reality at the same time as you!
Anyway, it's time for me to go. I still have some work to do and tomorrow promises to be a very busy day.
See you later alligator!


Patricia Designs said...

Good Morning,
Tomorrow Thursday is the moving day, hopefully it will be uneventful and everything will arrive just fine.
Love to read about the hawk and the butterfly so meaningful, but I would like to read more about HIM.

with much love,

circe said...

First of all, I loved this day's report!!!
Secondly...I must fulfill "our agreement" hahaha (the part I don't like so much before doing it, but I adore it when it's finished)... They are not questions to be answered, but, as you know me: I'm "the eternal questioner" hahaha, I just express myself giving birth to doubts, and I love giving birth to doubts, so there I go:
1. Where were you vibrationaly to be able to live that experience with the dogs? (ok, this question should be answered in the moment of living it, not now, but it just came to me).
2. “Aware but positive”…mmmm…sounds like: there is no need to be protected but I keep my protective shields up (which by the way is one of my “topics” I’m learning about hahaha).
Yes, seeing someone you love or that is simply gorgeous…that makes the day, for me too!!! Like a teenager, yes. Well, isn’t that what we all are: eternal young beings?
1000 thank yous!!!

siempre viva said...

Such a wonderful feeling to let go... or learning to let go,
good for Grasshopper shredding and meditating, getting wonderful insights and being paid... who could ask for a better job?.... love the guy!
And to me the beauty of the "synchronicities" with your beloved animals-spirits and the more you see them, the more they come to you is just focus and the Universe responding yes...
as for the "dog accident" stuff happens... I was going to say something else... I couldn't write it ha,ha,ha... we love them anyway, how cool that you have a pet-whisperer nearby very neat!