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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 38 – April 27, 2011

Have you ever felt so tired that your body feels numb? That's how my body feels right now. So if I don't make much sense, you know why. Don't say I didn't warn you!
Boy! Have I worked today! This moving deal is almost like the never ending story, and just as you are nearing the end is when more and more things seems to come out from under the carpet. Needless to say, this is what I did all day. This morning, after taking the Grasshopper to the learning house and dropping some goodies off free of charge, taking Diva to her place of income and sort of catching my breath, the House Whisperer came by to help. I cannot tell you how fortunate I am for the friends that I have attracted during this experience in the hologram. Every single time that I have moved from one castle to another, Mrs. HouseWhisperer has been there to help. Always with a smile. Then you have Mrs. Yum also always willing to help. Seriously. Am I lucky or what?
We loaded both vessels and unloaded them at the new palace. As I walked in, I noticed the carpet had been cleaned and the Lords had been busy picking up stuff. They are amazing! Then we picked up Diva and had some delicious nutrition nearby. After that we came back to the palace. Mrs. HouseWhisperer left and Diva and I continued with our chores. We took another load on the Red Bullet and came back to continue finishing finishing-up. (How do you like my grammar? Hehe). The Manager also stopped by to help and we took another trip. Tomorrow, the big guys with big arms will come by and take everything that's too big or too heavy for me to carry. Thank goodness for them!
So you want to know about HIM, uh? I thought you would never ask! I have known HIM for many years now and he is exactly everything that I have asked the Universe for in a partner. With only one unimportant and minor detail: he already has a partner, hehe. HIM is a big person, and by 'big' I don't mean in clothing size, although I would say that his face is much higher from the floor than mine is. When he walks into a room people can't help but notice HIM. Not because there is anything special about the way he looks, but because you can sense when someone is in alignment with source. Whether or not that person is even aware of what it means. By being in alignment with who he is, he has achieved success and greatness in what he does. But that's the boring side. As far as Yours Truly is concerned, the moment I met HIM, it was like if I had been hit by a train. It's that tipe of emotion you feel when your soul recognizes an old friend from previous lives. Yeah, it sounds weird, but it really is true. When you meet someone and that person causes a reaction within you, whether super positive or super negative, you have been together in previous trips to the hologram and agreed to meet on this one. In other words, you bought tickets for the same train ride and now you have bumped into each other. That's exactly what I felt when I met HIM, and he felt the same, although he doesn't know what it was. So, being that he's taken, I just enjoy seeing him and talking to him. You always learn something when you talk to HIM. Besides that, I guess he must enjoy feeling the complete adoration that I have for him, because he has become some sort of guardian over me. Always concerned about my well being. Isn't that nice? Didn't I tell you that the Universe adores me? (Don't get all flustered, the Universe adores you too, but this blog is all about me!).
I loved your question about what kind of vibration was I in that I attracted the situation with the dogs. I could not pinpoint what it would be but if I had to guess I would say that this whole moving thing and worrying about different things is what attracted that fragrant contrast. The nice thing is that it's a thing of the past and the solution was easy and inexpensive!
Can you believe it? Tonight is the last night I sleep at this palace!! Amazing!
Double whammy again today. As I was taking Diva to work we saw a hawk, flying up from the bayou. Ah! GREATNESS!!! Then, as we were at the new palace, a magnificent monarch fluttered by just slow enough for me to appreciate her beautiful colors. The Universe is always listening. Spirit is always around us. Dreams always come true.
And speaking about dreams, the moment has come for some horizontal time. As tired as my body is right now, I doubt I'll be able to achieve much more.
Sweet dreams to you, wherever you are. Wherever you are in the world: Canada, India, Singapore, China ;-), Spain,Australia, or even across the street from me, my wish for you is that you become more and more aware of the magic in your life. Thank you for being here, reading these words.


siempre viva said...

Isn't it great to have angels around, you are such angel magnet because you are one as well, many of us feels very fortunate to have "you" as spirit-whisperer and friend!!! I am very happy to be close and have find you as well!
Is wonderful that you can have a "someone" that gives you a full sense of the person you would like to have as a partner, I take this (when this happens to me) as an inspiration and I enjoy the ride of joy and excitement just like you my friend...
tonight, new dreams...

Patricia Designs said...

Oh! I want to be hit by a train many times and recognize friends from previous holograms too.
Life is so much fun when your heart skips a bit at the presence of the beloved one. He must enjoy sensing your adoration that is why he loves and cares for you so much.

Sweet dreams.

circe said...

I just loved this post!!! It will be one of my favorites forever!!!
Yeeeesss…. “Thank goodness for them” hahahaha (now this really made my day!!! ;)).
I loved your description about HIM, I only felt something so strong for who we (my University friends an me) called the “Noruego” (as long as we didn’t know his name), he was blond and very strong…my hole body trembled when he was near and my friends were amazed that I could tell he would enter a room even 5 minutes before he actually did!!!
Your final greeting touched my soul.