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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 35 – April 24, 2011

This has been a very good day. It started off with our amazing Sunday Morning Gang. The questions were amazing. I know I say it after each call but the truth is that each Sunday the questions get more and more profound. You can literally feel the expansion as the interaction continues during these calls. Amazing!
After that I rolled up my sleeves and continued with the endless packing. I am actually having fun with it. I have changed my perspective and now see it as an opportunity to make space for beautiful things to come. Some time during the day Ms Pretty and Mr.Business showed up to say hi. I had already forgotten that today was Easter Sunday! That's what happens to those of us who are not religiously-focused. The rest of the day went on smoothly. I did receive a very nice phone call from Mrs.Nails. She expressed being upset at me because I had never told her about my book and my "abilities." I told her that the readers are attracted to my book and to the message that I channel. I had never mention my channeling to her because I never thought she would be interested in "such things." Hehe. To make a long story short, she signed up for our next meetup. Life is good! I tell you!
Today I took a trip down memory lane. I brought out some cd's with music of way back when. Ahh! It was great. I sang Help! with George, Paul, John and Ringo, there was Gladys and her Midnight Train to Georgia, Jose Luis also sang ¿Y quién es él?; what can I say? We had a really good mix in the singing crowd and I sang with all of them. Baby, we sounded gooooood! There is nothing like listening to music as you are doing chores that you would rather leave for another day. Would you agree? That's what I thought J
Guess what I saw? Just guess. Come on, just guess. Weeeeeelllllllll….. I saw a hawk! AGAIN! I was riding on the Red bullet when I spotted him. He was flying up there high in the sky and must have spotted a prey down in the bayou because he dove down. Must have missed the bird or mouse he was preying on because he came back up empty-handed. Poor baby. Hopefully he didn't have to go hungry all day long! But not only did I see a hawk today, I also saw my butterfly. She was yellowish-green fluttering around some little wild flowers on the side of the road. Just looking pretty and making my day brighter. Another funny thing that happened to me was when I took the trash out. As I turned the side of the house to put the trash in the big container guess who was sitting on top of it? Mr. Whiskers! So cute. He looked at me with his gorgeous green eyes and listened as I politely asked him to step down so I could finish my chores. Disdainfully, he lifted his tail straight up and "walked" off the container. That feline has some personality.
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? I have the distinct honor to inform you that MR. GRASSHOPPER IS BACK IN THE PICTURE!!!!!! We had been missing his presence around the palace! Today the Grinch dropped him off with Mrs. Yum, then him, the Lizzard and Mrs. Yum went to a party and I picked him up later in the day. Mr. Lizzard picked up some funky fungus, but tomorrow he's going to see his magician and it will be all better. Mrs. Yum gave him some energy and I did some distant healing on him as soon as I got home.
Well my friend. This is it for now. The move is getting closer and the excitement is increasing around here. Better things are in store for us! For all of us! My wish for you is that every day you become more and more aware of your inner being, of who you really are.
Ta-da for now!


circe said...

I loved this way of writing of yours!!! It's getting funnier every day!! Congratulations!!!
Again the hawk and the butterfly, eh? Well: the butterfly we all know is spirits...the hawk is "sight" (but I don't risk more hahaha...that's very personal)...

siempre viva said...

Yes indeed the call was very magical on Sunday! Is Mr Whiskers a feral cat? Because if he is, that's amazing!!!

Thanks for your comment about hawks circe, I love them as well they are all around me...