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Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 36 – April 25, 2011

Teenagers are a breed apart. I'm convinced about that. Happy one second, drama the next. Today I spent the whole day with Mr. Grasshopper as he did not have school. It was a wonderful day, we had an opportunity to talk a lot and share ideas. He's got some pretty cool ideas and some very goofy ones that had me cracking up. Today his inspiration came when he was doing the shredding I had assigned him to do. He was working very diligently and suddenly got very pensive and said "You know? This got me thinking that if I could invent a "worry shredder" I would be the biggest millionaire in the world." So we got on the subject of positive thinking and positive emotions, and how when you're worried it only takes one simple positive thought to start on your way to feeling better. And once you start feeling better, the reason for your worries dissipates. He's right. We should invent the worry shredder… and patent it!

Later in the day we went to the new palace, where we met the Lords. Lord 1 was just waking up from a nap and Lord 2 was hard at work, preparing the palace for us. It looks amazing! I know you've heard me say it before. But truly and honestly, it is beautiful.

Guess what? Are you ready for this? THEY DID NOT CHANGE THE RED DOORS!!!! Woooo Hoooo!!!!!!! And the best part of it all is that I'VE GOT THE KEY THAT OPENS THE RED DOORS! Besides that, the Lords have been busy painting, changing fixtures, cleaning. The place looks magical! The backyard is gorgeous. Diva was in awe. She immediately fell in love, not only with the house, but also with the Lords. You can't help it. They are both adorable.

After that Diva invited us to dinner. Italian it was. You know something? This not having pots and pans available for cooking is pretty handy! Hehehe We had a really good time, the three of us. We talked about things that are important to us. Grasshopper has been getting very much into shape and has us all in awe of his determination. While we had platefuls of typical Italian food, the fattening kind. He ordered a salad for himself and only ate half of the bread. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

I love to channel. What can I say? I absolutely love it! If you have ever found yourself in a state of perfect balance and wellbeing, you know what I mean. When I channel, my body feels good, my spirit feels refreshed, I feel a rush of unconditional love for everyone and everything. It is truly the perfect state! When I'm channeling, The Boys always tell people that they love them unconditionally. They also tell them that I cannot find the words to describe the amount and intensity of that love. They are completely right. When I channel I feel the love that they feel for us. It is a love that has the force of a hurricane, the softness of a baby's skin and the freshness of the morning breeze. Yes it sounds kind of corny, but it's true! I cannot define it, yet it is the most amazing thing I have every felt. Add to that the messages that are being transmitted and you get the full picture! I've been told that I have been doing this channeling thing for centuries. Pretty cool, uh? And why did I bring this up? I don't know, I just thought you might like to know.

Well, only a couple more nights at this lovely palace. It has been so good to me! It's funny. A few weeks ago, as I thought about the move, I would get this feeling of loss within me. After that one day when I felt that profound sense of gratitude towards this place, my feeling has been replaced with a feeling of excitement about the new place. It is as if I have already let go of this palace and I am welcoming the next one. A different kind of growth I think.

Well my dear friend, time for that close encounter of the third kind with my pillow. It has been lovely talking to you. Hope to do more of that tomorrow.

Keep the comments and emails coming. I LOVE THEM!!!!!


circe said...

Now that's what I call style!!! (your writing is going more beautiful every day!!).
I'm glad you have the red doors!!! I bet your palace is the most special in the hole neighbourhood...if it wasn't, now it definetly is!! hahaha.
Thank you for trying to express all that amazing love that The Boys feel for that's our natural state, uh?...mmm, sounds good.
(yes, your paragraph definetly raised my vibrations...did I tell you I love this blog?);).

Patricia Designs said...

I am fascinated with the “worry shredder” your young Mr. Grasshopper is a creative innovator, with an amazing business sense as he wants to patent it to help humanity.
Just amazing!!

Patricia Designs said...

OMG, centuries channelling you have so much experience and we are so lucky to have you in our life.

Imagine that a long time ago you could have been the Delphic oracle, or a Chilan that predicted the arrival of the Spaniards and its associated disasters in the Americas. Is fun to let my imagination go wild.
Love you.

siempre viva said...

It is very nice to see beautiful houses and feel that anticipation of "new beginning" such a nice way to share it with us, I feel your passion and enthusiasm... regarding to your connection and the feeling of flow of non-physical energy through you I can not agree more, you described it just perfectly well, I have had that feeling many times and the flow of unconditional love is a unique experience that more and more are starting to get into alignment with, isn't this AMAZING!
Thanks for sharing it! You are liquid love...