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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 52 – May 14, 2011

Today was a powerful day. Very powerful in many different ways. Let me think where I should begin. Hmm! Simple! Why not start from the beginning, right? Duh!
Yesterday I mentioned that today was going to be a day for The Boys and it certainly was. It started with a Spanish teleconference. We had many people present and the questions and answers were amazing. That platform is amazing, people get to join from many countries around the world and ask their questions directly to The Boys. That makes it super special. In the meantime, people are able to chat with each other. People really enjoy the experience. After that we took Diva to her place of gainful employment and Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly took off to the merchandise trading posts to get him so pretty sharp-looking rags for his end-of-learning house-ceremony. We had so much fun looking for the right thing! He walked out of there feeling pretty good, I must say.

Then we picked up the Manager and came to the Palace to get everything ready for our monthly meeting. We had a lot of people this time and it was a very interesting meeting! Seven new people came today, which made it for a very interesting and interactive session. One of the new people, Mr. Hades, was determined to prove The Boys wrong and "expose the truth." Hehehe It turned out to be very interesting, because The Boys of course handled it perfectly. When I channel, I am conscious and aware, but I am not completely "there" if that makes sense to you. So when the first shot was fired I "woke up." My first instinct was to "defend and fire back." It's a good thing that I have learned to let go and let The Boys handle the situation because they, of course, have the perfect answers. This is not the first time that the Boys have been "challenged", but it is the first time that other people present get infuriated and an argument starts. I tell you! You should've been there! You see, with The Boys there is no convincing. That vibration is not present in them. When you ask a question they give you the answer, just the way it is. Full of love and compassion (that is why I say it IS a good thing that I have learned to step completely aside! If I had been the one responding, my answer may not have been so loving…), but the last thing that they do is try to convince anyone that what they are saying is the truth. Anyway, an argument started. One of the ladies, Ms. SweetCurls, felt insulted by Hades' behavior and made sure to express it out loud. Ladies and gentlemen, the distance between hate and love takes a very short step to cover it; after the meeting, Ms SweetCurls and Hades walked away together to go somewhere and share an afternoon tea together. That was amazing! Everyone was talking about it afterwards. One of the questions asked by Ms SweetCurls during the session was who had attracted Hades into the meeting. After seeing them walk away, the answer became clear to all present. Hehehe. Then, after everyone was gone, Mrs. Yum expressed interest in one of my blood relations. Cupid was definitely active today!
When Mr. Grasshopper learned about both love stories he got all excited and expressed wishing he had been there to witness it.
Tomorrow will be another amazing day. We will start it with the Sunday Morning Gang and then go to Ms. Pretty's for her belated anniversary celebration. Another great opportunity to spend time with family!
Thank you so much for your comments. So full of love! Your messages for Mr. G have been relayed and he seemed very pleased. Thank you! I am happy to hear that you are able to understand my words. You see? Love has no boundaries and is not language-specific!
Sweet dreams to you! Until tomorrow!

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