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Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 54 – May 16, 2011

Sometimes I sit here in front of Old Faithful, dactyls on the letter pad, trying to think of the first sentence for the day's post. Today is one of those times. I have been sitting here staring at the electronic display with the little prompt going "on-off-on-off," trying to decide how to start. So there you go, I have started. Now there's no stopping me!

Oh, before anything else you MUST know this. This morning, as the artificial rain that I had set up was bathing the vegetation in the backyard, I sat in front of the window, with Tripod and Freckles faithfully at my side, and prepared to enjoy the show. Oh, what a show that was! You will not believe it but a whole family of red friends of the feathery kind came down to play in the H2O. I mean, I can try to describe it in the most poetic and brilliant way possible and my words will not even get close to the amazing display of color and activity taking place right there, in front of my very eyes. They were joined by a few butterflies that would delicately stand on drops of water on the leaves, and a few rodents of the fluffy tail kind, running around as if they were playing hide and seek. What a privilege to be able to witness nature at play. Seriously! My two faithful companions were not very pleased with me as they wanted to join in the games. I had to hold them back just for a little bit, I felt the selfish need to quietly enjoy this moment. It was a feast for the eyes. I'm not kidding!

After that amazing show I took off to run quite a few errands. At a particular moment I was driving down a road with beautifully manicured lawns. I was admiring this particular lawn, looking at an amazing flower bed with flowers of all sorts of shapes and colors when I saw this shadow on top of the flowers. I looked up and what did I find flying up there? A gorgeous hawk! Beautiful!!! From where I was he seemed to be of a very light color, but I'm not sure if it seemed that way because of the sun shining behind him. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!! I started laughing out loud. I couldn't help it (neither did I want to)! This is one way that the Universe communicates with me. Signs and symbols. Just for me and I love it. You have yours, may be similar or completely different, but there are signs and symbols in your life that only you can give meaning to.

After that amazing experience I picked up Diva and shared the midday meal with her. We had a great time. She is also a very insightful person and conversations with her are usually very interesting. Diva lives life to the fullest and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is also a very spiritual person. I love talking to her because she may miss things that are obvious to everybody but when it comes to knowing where a person is coming from or the deeper meaning of any event, I tell you, she's the person you want to talk to. So all of this goes to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed my meal with her. After returning her to the dungeon I came back to the palace and continued putting words from one language into a different one. Fun! I love working. It helps with my feeling of abundance. Oh, how abundant I am! I would be even more efficient if I didn't try to clean my palace, wash garments, straighten up the cooking room, bathe the vegetation and do my work, all at the same time. You get the picture. One thing is for sure, I have so much being the way I am!

OH!!!! I ALMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU THIS!!! How could I??? Well, yesterday at some point I thought about Mr. Whiskers (oops, sorry, the very last day at the previous palace I was told it was MISS Whiskers. My apologies.). I wasn't thinking anything special, just remembering her big green eyes and her big old paws on top of the Batmobile! Well, last night her cousins came by to see me! Isn't that cute? Last night I went out to help Diva with some bags and as I stepped closer to the Red Bullet, the two of them came pretty close to me and just stood there looking at me. They were the cutest things in the world. I talked to them and they meowed back. Polite little things! There you go! Another message from the Universe!

Tonight as I am writing to you Diva is learning a new dish. GO DIVA!!! You know what that means for me right? One more free night a week!!! Yeeee-haw!!! I was about to dial the Author when I realized she may not appreciate my call. It's a little bit late where she resides.

Later this week I will be in the City of Jazz for 5 days. I am going for a holowork conference. It should be fun and I know I will meet a lot of interesting people. It will also be all work. But hey, everything happens for a reason, and this came up for me because I need to be there, so I will make the most out of it. Don't worry, I will bring Old Faithfull's portable version (by the way, 'she' has a name, her name is Chuchi – pronounced choochee) and will keep you posted on my adventures.

Had a few conversations with Mrs. Yum. We talk a lot about the law of attraction and how we see it at work. We also laughed a lot. Laughing at oneself is a very good and very healthy thing to do. Keeps you young(er).

Mr. G is visiting his parent that is not me. He called me earlier this evening. He was so bored that he decided to read the He hadn't read it in long time and was very pleased to know that he is mentioned in it every single day.

Very well, this wasn't so bad, was it? Especially if you consider that I didn't even know how to start talking to you tonight!

Are you having a blast? Are you enjoying this experience? I really, truly hope you are. Every day I learn more about how to let go and allow myself to enjoy more. I find that the more I decide to be happy, the deeper my happiness feels. Discovering these feelings and emotions is what this is all about!

Now it's time to retrieve to my nest and confer with the fluffy. It's been nice talking to you.

Until soon!


Kellie 76 said...

I adore the picture you painted of the view you enjoyed in your Yard Oh Wise one.
Endless Love x x x

Patricia Designs said...

Dear Channel,
Today on my way to work I was taken by Nature's beauty, the trees, the green, the river, the birds, simply marvelous. Yes, we are living in abundance.