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Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 53 – May 15, 2011

Hello World! I've been trying to post today's conversation for quite some time now. So I may end up posting two tomorrow!

UPDATE: I was not able to post it last night, so I am posting this today (May 16)

Today I did one of my favorite things in the whole wide world: spend the day with blood relations of the closest kind. Let me tell you about it. First, my day started with the Sunday Morning Gang. There were 20 people on the call and I believe this has been the largest group we've had so far. As always, the questions are amazing and The Boys were excited to play with us. Very much fun if you ask me!

I had a picture conference with Mr. and Mrs. Convert. I was excited about this call because I wanted to show them the Palace, so I took them on a tour of the dwelling. And guess what? They LOVED it! Talking to them is so refreshing! They updated me on the clan's news. Apparently the CreativeOne has found a romantic interest! Woo-hoo!!! Didn't I just tell you that love is in the air? I'm next! I'm next!!!! Hehehe

Then we went to Ms Pretty's house to celebrate the anniversary of her arrival to the hologram. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pretty's relations. I really, really liked them! LadyLust was there, looking hot and enjoying the company of Bumblebee, who is growing like there's no tomorrow! It was fun. Mr. Grasshopper was looking pretty good with his new garments.

On our way back Mr. Grasshopper and I had the opportunity to have one of our deep conversations. We got on the subject of children of dismarried parents (yes, I just made that word up…). A few years ago, Mr. Grasshopper chose to live with the parent that is not me. At the time it was painful but I was already channeling and that helped me tremendously. My heart wanted to fight and try to retain him, but The Boys helped me let go, and I did. Just a year and a half later he asked to come back to the Palace. I pointed out the fact that our relationship now is even better than the one we had before he left. We had to go through the contrast of that separation to grow and appreciate our relationship even more. Those events gave me the opportunity to confirm how the Universe responds to us all the time. Back when I felt a victim of the Grinch and was trying to retain Mr. G at all cost, things were painful and dark. Then I let go; then I even started appreciating my life the way it was. I loved the time spent with Mr. Grasshopper, but I also appreciated the freedom I had to do the things I like doing. I had time to write my book, meditate, see friends, and so on. And it was only then, when I learned to appreciate and my resistance dropped to the ground, that what I wanted the most came running back to me. Isn't that amazing? We spend our lives asking the Universe and taking the pulse. 'I've asked, but it's not here yet," we say. And if we only turned the other cheek, look for what we do have, focus on our happiness, THEN everything will come rushing in. Going back to Mr. G. As you probably can tell by now, our relationship is very good. Much, much better than it was back then.

Then we picked up Diva and something for dinner. Came back home, watched some picture box, and now it's time to talk to you before I call it a night.

I hope your weekend was beautiful. Thank you for all your comments. If you haven't done so, click on "comments" below each posting to read what people are saying.

Much love and light to you for this week.

Ta-da for now!


Patricia Designs said...

Dear Channel, Thank you I appreciate sharing your experience with Mr. G. , it is helping me understand that when we have a BIG contrast (as Mr. G. choosing to leave you) you followed the process and were able to manifest your desire.
Why we tend to forget all these wisdom?

Patricia Designs said...

Finally, the website accepted my comment (it has been 3 days)