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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 57 - May 19, 2011

Have you ever wondered how it is that things you wanted so badly maybe years ago and lost interest in them come rushing to you?  Well, something like that has been happening to me. What happened is that many - many- moons ago I wanted to gain recognition on the stuff I do for mullah. I pushed soooo hard and tried sooooo hard that  I just got tired of trying and decided not to pursue it anymore. Well, as with everything else, by letting it go I came into alignment with it and now I am getting the recognition that I no longer wanted! Isn't that funny?  Not only that, when I got invited to be here I politely said no and explained there were no funds to do it. Well, once again the universe spoke to me. Before I knew it I had received a call from SuperSmartBoy indicating the association was paying for all my expenses. 
This apparently is unprecedented as they have never done it before. EVERYTHING COVERED.  And this comes to me when I no longer was asking for it! I am not saying that I don't appreciate it, I really really do! What I'm saying is that it is not as important to me as it once was and now it is coming to me. No, let me rephrase that, it is rushing towards me.  I find myself now sharing rooms and meals with people that I used to only wish they would talk to me a few years ago.  To me, this is another clear example of how the universe works. And how true it is that the more we measure what we don't have; the more we notice the absence of what we have, the further away we push it.  But as soon as we relax and focus on what we do have, it is like opening the flood gates. But that's just me.

I tell you, I am having so much fun in JazzCity.  I am learning a lot of that stuff I do for mullah, but also, I am learning a lot from other people. Some are pushing so hard against their own flow and others have learned the trick of letting go.  I love this! Oh! and not only that, I know the universe is sending me Romeo's representative very soon, because I have been seeing evidence of his proximity. This is ex-ci-ting!

I  love that you like my language.  I have to laugh because I got you all renaming things throughout your day now! hehehe  Isn't it fun? Doesn't it change your outlook even a smidgen?

This morning I woke up very early to meditate and then went back to sleep. Needless to say it took an act of congress to get me out of bed an hour later.  My companion is a early-hours person and could not understand why I had to snooze my alarm so many times. See, to me, sleeping is like having fun.  No structure and no limitations.  Others see it as a lack of responsibility.  Which definition do you like best?  Right! Me too.

Today I spent all day indoors and so I did not expect to see any butterflies. I had forgotten completely about them. After the work day I went to a nearby merchandise trading post. As I was paying for  my purchase, the cashier, a young a very talkative girl, asked if I could give her my opinion on something she was going to wear this evening.  To my surprise, she pulled out some hair pins in the shape of a butterfly.  There you have it!

Tomorrow shall be another day of working all day. I miss my nest and my fluffy!!!!!!  Most of all, I miss my pack!!!!!

Well friend, it's  been nice talking to you again.  Smile big. It's worth it.

Ta-da for now!


Masarie said...

Awesome and so very worth it :)

Patricia Designs said...

Oh! I do the same thing, when the alarm shouts, I say 10 more minutes...zzzz
Glad that you get your time to glow!!! You are awesome!

Monina said...

¡¡Me he reído tanto con tu relato!!
Es cierto que cuando dejas de empujar aparece... sea lo que sea que hayas pedido, querido o deseado.
Me gustaría saber quién es el SuperSmartBoy
Tienes una manera muy graciosa de contar las cosas...
Me alegro que te esté divirtiendo tanto... y que sigas viendo mariposas.
Por lo pronto leerte me ha llenado de entusiasmo.
Disfruta y sigue haciéndome reír...
Tu nido (tu casita) y tu cama también te deben estar extrañando.
Container de besotes, darling and crazy Channel

Pilar del mar said...

haha, nice we are in sync dear Graciela. Last night I read a Bashar quote that reminds me SO of what you shared here,the part where you say "by letting it go I came into alignment with it..."

The question to Bashar was in relation to someone wanting to wake up in the mornings happy and full of energy. And I'll quote Bashar's reply so as to not distort his words: "When you wake up not feeling quite like you prefer to feel, if you let that be alright, you will learn more quickly why you feel that way. And by using it in a positive way and by using it more quickly and learning from it what you need to learn as to why you are waking up in that state, by letting it be alright to wake up in that state and learning form it - you will allow it to transform into the other state more quickly, by having used it for the purpose it is there..."

To me it's a very nice sync, I mean it's not exactly the same that you wrote about, but the point of letting go remains the same.

Thanks for sharing my dear, always enjoy reading you,