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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 70 - June 1st., 2011

What's up???  Long time no see! hehe I must warn you, I'm in a very silly mood this evening. So please don't take me too seriously.

This morning started with a bang!  I woke up early, did my early morning meditation, prepared some delicious warm beverage and proceeded to sit outside and enjoy my morning beverage in the quiet moments of the early morning.  Then I tried to figure out why the food-cooling box had suddenly quit on me. I knew it was something about the power so I checked (and cursed at) the magic box outside. Nothing. Hmmm.  the Boys are known for playing tricks on me when it comes to electronic devices; I see their fingerprints all over the scene! So, as with everything else that I have no control over, I left it in peace, asked the Universe to take care of it, and went back indoors to continue with my day. Nothing was going to be gained by me worrying and complaining.  It is amazing how the Universe responds almost immediately.  I was not pleased with the fact that the nutrition inside the food-cooling box was going to go to waste, but I accepted that fact and let it go.  In a conversation with Mrs. Yum she suggested that I charge the Lords for lost nutrition items, but I just didn't feel like doing that. I told Mr. G that we would pick up some keep-it-cool boxes on our way back from dropping Diva off and that was the end of my worries. Well, the answer came quickly.  As I was talking on the phone with Lord 1, trying to figure out what the problem could be, he suggested that I plugged it remotely to a different outlet. Duh, Channel! That was my answer!  I was so happy when he said it  that I almost started jumping up and down in joy to the embarrassment of Mr. Grasshopper. so we came back to the palace and did as Lord 1 had suggested. Voila! the problem was temporarily resolved and the nutrition items were saved!  Yeeeee-haw! for the power to create!!!

Today I also had a test for an employment I have been seeking.  I believe I did a pretty good job. We shall see in a few days. I also worked on emptying some magic cubes to the sound of Miguel Bose and Ana Torroja. Woohoo! It was almost fun!

Also, I had a radio interview with one of my favorite people, DJGirl, check out her awesome station and shows:  Again The Boys in conjunction with The Voice played tricks on me, as just 5 minutes prior to the show, the electricity made itself scarce and Old Faithful went to sleep.  Needless to say I was late to the show. I have to tell you this, DJGirl has so much experience and is so much fun to interact with!  She made me feel right at home right away.  If you have a moment, listen to the conversation, and listen to all her shows as they are amazing. I have to tell you more about this girl. We met through The Voice. Unfortunately, after his transition. But what is amazing about this relationship, and those that were born due to that event, is that we have become almost like a family.

After that I received a phone call that may bring more worldly work. It is amazing, as you allow, more comes.

Well dear friend,  I guess that's all I have to say for now.  Hope you are having a wonderful week and that you are finding reasons to appreciate left and right.  Remember to smile. You look beautiful when you do!


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Masarie said...

The radio show was awesome - I am so glad all the pieces came together. :)