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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 72 - June 3, 2011

this posting is going to be super brief. 

Every time that I have a class I promise I won't do this again, and I end up doing it!  What did you ask?  Oh, "This" means staying up late. Like now. It is 3 am and I just finished reviewing all my materials for my class tomorrow.  I have this thing about "just making sure" that everything is exactly the way I left it the previous time. hehe

Well, really quick.  Tomorrow I will write more and tell you more about today.  But I just wanted to share this with you. Remember that I have been talking about abundance? Well, today 2 things happened that are just proof that abundance is flowing.  The first one was a contract that I was positive would not come my way when I sent in my numbers, and the second one I will have to tell you another time because I was sworn into secrecy. I'm really not trying to mess with you, I promise. And I think I should be able to let you know in just a few more days.  I just mentioned it because I am so happy.  The Universe never ceases to surprise me.

I must go now, but I did not want to let the day - hmmm how does this work? It's already the next day! - Oh well, I think that if I haven't gone to my nest, the day is not over yet.

I had the pleasure of the company of a whole lot of butterflies today. They were all small and very, very cute.

Thank you for sticking with me!!! I promise tomorrow will be a more interesting blog!

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