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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 67 - May 29, 2011

This post will be posted tomorrow.

This has been a day of joy and nuptial bliss, all in the same period of time!  this is how this day went.
Last night I stayed up late, longer than expected.  As I was making my way to my nest and fluffy (who, by the way, were calling my name) I realized there were things that needed to be done. I got a surge or energy  and emptied 3 cubes in the process. Crazy, I know.
Then this morning I woke up early to meditate, which I should have known, did not work because before I realized it I was snoring like Yogi.  I got out of the nest in time to make me some delicious brown concoction and attend the show with Gorgeous DownUnder. It was a great call. Wonderful questions that elicited amazing answers from The Boys.

After the call was over we loaded the vessel, hopped on the Red Bullet and off we went to Cowboytown to attend the nuptial event of the oldest of Mr. & Mrs. Galen's breed.  The ceremony was amazing. The setting was in this gorgeous natural blossom habitat with a large body of water as the backdrop.  The idea was to hold the ceremony as the big ball of fire was setting down to sleep. And it was.  We were the firsts to arrive. Mr. Grasshopper looked spiffy on his suit and tie attire.  Ms. Diva was glowing, and so were the Manager, Ms Pretty, LadyLust and Ms. Byte. And not to brag, but YoursTruly was looking pretty darn good, if I may say so myself!  I'm sorry to say but by the time the procession began, our makeup had melted and our hair puffed up with the heat and humidity.  By the time the ceremony ended we were not looking as fresh and gorgeous as we thought we did.

I must report that the main characters looked amazing. I had never seen Ms Rich looking so perfect. She was radiant!

After that a celebration was held at the rail post.  The place was beautiful. The blooms on the hard tops were amazing and the nutrition was delicious.  The notes were entertaining and the spirits flowed freely. And by spirits I mean the drinking kind.  So I had a few of those, moved around to the rhythm of the notes, had fun talking with friends, family and almost-family.  It was a night to remember.

We just got back to our inn and are getting ready to crash.  My quarters only have one big nest (not enough for Diva, Mr. G ad YoursTruly), so I've eloped to LadyLust's quarters.

I've reached the end of my report. The eye curtains are seriously falling. Tomorrow we will travel back to the palace. Night-night!

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