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Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 81 - June 13, 2011

Watching "young'uns" grow is a real privilege. It is like living and rediscovering life all over again, but with the advantage of seeing how much more advanced they are than you were at that age. That hit me today. I was talking with Mr. G who, by the way, had his first experience today at the facilities of his new high learning house, and I remembered specific moments that I lived at his age. However, I think I was much more naive than him at that age! There it is!  The Boys are always saying "the movement is always forward," "you are beings in expansion," "every time you come back to the hologram you are bigger, expanded, smarter if you will."  It dawned on me! Yes! We are able to actually see it happening with our own breed!  Amazing. Simply amazing.

I am so happy to hear that my writing inspires you and that you feel connected in many of the things that you read here. That, my dear friend, was the original intent of this commitment. To open up my life and thoughts so that many of you could connect to that.  I would recommend that you write, even if it is just for yourself or for the whole world to see, it doesn't matter. Write about you and your dreams and your reasons to appreciate, and the hologram will be a whole new adventure for you!  Although I have a feeling that it already is!!! Thank you for your beautiful words.

I was thinking about the fact that I have not spoken about the magic cubes lately... well, there are still many pristine cubes in the parking room, although I keep working at it; steadily bringing them in, one by one.  The flow has slowed down considerably as I become less enthuse about putting belongings away. Hehehe.  Besides that, my life has been so amazingly rich lately that I have been busy doing all sorts of things.

You asked for a picture of the magic red doors, and, just because the Universe adores you (and so do I) I have to oblige. Here they are. What do you think?  Magical, isn't it? I tell you, they were what sealed the deal with this palace!

And speaking about new channeling heights... today I realized something. Someone that I know told me "Those were The Boys speaking, it was not you," and I realized that that is happening more and more. But without me channeling, or tuned-in, or even feeling the different sensations in my body that tell me when something is coming from my Inner Self. I believe that every day, more and more, we are becoming one. Or rather, I am becoming one with who I am. With the more expanded version of me. Wow. Life is good! I am actually being able to tap into that universal wisdom. WOW! I'm impressed. Now, if I could only tap into it enough to resolve the few contrasts that I just don't seem to get straight,  life would be even better!  But we know that we came here for the joy and the adventure that the hologram provides us with, so I'm not going to complain about the contrasts. I'm just going to treat them for what they are:  eggshells!

Well, well, well, next week we will be moving more cubes, but this one they will be for the Manager and the Sensible One!!!! yeehaw! I think I am more excited than they are!!!  Also next week I will be traveling to the coast that's not on the West for a business conference.  It will be interesting.

Today two very distinct butterflies came to pay me a visit.  They were very, very small and of a lilac-brownish color.  Very beautiful. They brought a huge smile to my face. Can you almost see it?

Tomorrow will be a busy day. The good thing is that I get to stay in the nest longer than this dawn!  Hurray for sleeping!!!!  Remind me to tell you about a dream I had last night.... pretty interesting.

It's time. The eye curtains are falling on their own.  I'm going to go play in the dreamstate for a little bit.
Hope your rest is uninterrupted and that you enjoy your slumber.

Until soon.


siempre viva said...

Thank you friend! The doors are beautiful!!! Love them! In is like the doors are taking me forward and closer to you!
I think is just natural that you are talking more and more through your inner self perspective, it is a delicious experience and is not "the boys" is "the voice" inside you... ;))))))

Monina said...

¡¡¡Qué bella y mágica puerta mi querido canal!!! Gracias por ese regalo... y gracias por el relato que como tú dices y es cierto: a mí me pasa de sentir que me estás diciendo cosas que yo necesito saber... ¡¡ este diario es mi novela preferida; y la disfruto más y con más alegría que cuando era niña y leí "Mujercitas"...
Los contrastes son "cáscaras de huevo ¡qué linda imagen! Exactamente eso es lo que son... Y tantas cosas maravillosas te están pasando a ti como a mí... de modo que no hay que darle importancia a esas cascaritas.
Te adoro y amo que hayas visto mariposas.
Y heeeeeeey: estoy disfrutando de la meditación de una manera increíble y cosas se "mueven" dentro mío con eso. Qué sabios son TUS MUCHACHOS pues ellos son los que me lo han dicho tantas veces.
Estoy tan feliz como tú... pero sin tanto ajetreo (aún jejeje... ya alzaré el vuelo, por ahora me encantan las plumas que me están creciendo)
Te amísimo