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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 86 - June 18, 2011

I think the Boys are really playing cyber tricks on me. Seriously! I love how they bring out that "question mark look" on my face when they do things like this.  I could have sworn that I had posted yesterday's post last night, but as I came to talk to you tonight, I realized it was not there. It was still pending. Hehehe.  You wrote me an email saying "take it easy. Things will resolve when you relax," and I cannot agree with you more, but I truly do believe that the Universe is playing with me and kind of telling me "let me surprise you. Let it happen."  Maybe that's just me, but that's my perspective on things. What do you think?

Well, today was a full day of activity.  Please don't laugh, but this morning I woke up thinking I was scheduled for my super-early activity.  I had to literally peel myself off of my nest, then I prepared some really strong wake-me-up beverage, drank some of it and came to check in.  When the "on" time came up, I waited a few minutes and noticed nothing was happening. So I worked a little bit on my class for today and decided to check my schedule. I wasn't scheduled!  By now I was wide awake, but determined not to waste precious time, so I went back to the nest and tried to join source.  My body was awake, so I decided to meditate. I must have meditated for a while and then fallen asleep.  Anyway, just to tell you how goofus I can be sometimes!

I got up later and Diva took me to my class.  It was a full day of work. This group is not as enthusiastic as the previous one, so I really had to elicit their participation. It doesn't matter. I am convinced that my Inner Being breaks any and all sorts of ice!! Hehehe.  Everything melts with the power of love!  There is this one particular person whose body language said it all. She had her arms folded all day yesterday. Well, today she indicated that she is appreciative of everything that she's learning.  BRAVO for Source!!!!!

As if that hadn't been enough (my walking extremities were in serious discomfort by the end of the class), when Diva picked me up we travelled to the house of LadyLust, who was holding a celebration for the anniversary of young Mr. Driven's arrival into the hologram.  That was great fun!  Everybody was there. Miss Bite, Mrs. Yum, CatGirl, Miss Pretty and many, many more!

Now I'm happily in my corner of the world. In my adorable Palace with Freckles laying at my feet and Tripod by the door. Life is good. No.  Life is VERY good!  I am so glad that I decided to come to the hologram at the same time as you! 

Now I must let the eye curtains fall naturally and allow my human form to relax. Tomorrow will be a NON-PHYSICAL day!! yeeehaw!!!! I get to recharge my spiritual batteries BIG TIME.

First it will be our call with the Sunday Morning Gang (your really, really,  should join us) and then, it will be our monthly session with The Boys.  It should be an interesting gathering as many people have said they are coming.  I'll let you know how it went.

Thank you for keeping me company!  See you tomorrow?

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