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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 84 - June 16, 2011

EXTRA! EXTRA! On the brink of manifestation. EXTRA! EXTRA! No, I haven't gone crazy, I promise. OK, just slightly. I know I'm on the brink of manifesting a magnificent creation. Why do I know this? It has happened tome before. Right when I am about to manifest something amazing, I go into this slump. It comes on quickly, it's extremely strong and it goes away as quick as I can manage to look the other way. It never fails.

As it happens, today was a very busy day.  Oh! But if you read yesterday's story, you must have noticed that I was experiencing contrast with Old Faithful (Old=yes, Faithful= hmm). Well, things progressed and it was not until 2 before noon hours that I was finally able to say "I finished the work."  Very well, today, I felt something was up.  To begin with, Mr. Grasshopper got up, got ready, fed the quadripeds and had his morning meal, ALL WITHOUT ONE SINGLE COMPLAINT. That's enough to raise anybody's body hair!  So we did our morning ride. We didn't even played notes, we were having so much fun talking about many things. After I deposited him at the learning house, I took the trip back to the palace and continued with my work.  Well, between Old Faithful's lack of speed, a deadline to meet with the Book Dealer, a presentation due tonight a two pending jobs, my level of stress started raising. I left to meet with the BookDealer only to find when I got there that the place was packed and I had to leave the Red Bulled far away (are you paying attention? Can you notice how all of this has a definite feeling of self-pity?).  The BookDealer did not help matters by pointing out how sorry she felt every time she realized how busy my schedule was, so she proceeded to give me some advice. Some of it, I have to confess, was excellent and I started implementing it immediately (there are no coincidences!) but some of it was definitely a match to my negative emotion.  By the time I picked Mr. G up I felt overwhelmed, used and defeated. OMG, you must be asking, "How did you get there Channel?  You were in a pretty good place yesterday."  Easy, that's how I know that something's up with the universe. This is the kind of negativity that "creeps up"on me. You see, when you have been building stuff and there has been no contrast to push the last straw of manifestation magic, the universe takes you to that dark place so that you can allow the manifestation of that great stuff. Now, what's left to do is relax and let the universe surprise me with the manifestation.  I'm not even going to claim that I have a clue about what it is, because I don't.  Sit back. I'll keep you posted.

Right now I'm in a pretty good place.  Thanks to the fit that I threw, Diva cooked (yes, you heard right)., Grasshopper bathed the vegetation and cleaned the eating tools and both of them cleaned the cooking room. All of this while I gave my presentation.  After we ate Diva's delicious experiment, we proceeded to go have ice-cream.  The world is whole again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand:  THE AUTHOR HAS PUBLISHED!!!  She just let me know that her first copy has been printed... OMG I saw the picture on the cybertalk screen. It looks beautiful! Even better than the way  I had pictured it in my mind. Don't worry, as soon as I have her permission, I will let you know the title. I can tell you this. It is an awesome story! I bear witness to the time and dedication she placed in researching facts for her book. She even got help from the non-physical! Super awesome!  She reports that Arm Candy is as proud as can be. As he should!

You know something?  It's been a few days since I've listened to any notes. That just means that my brain is on overdrive. No biggie. Tomorrow is the day, yes sir-ee!

Well, it's time to finish tomorrow's preparations. Tomorrow I start with a new group. It should be interesting

Smile as much and as often as you can!

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