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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 83 - June 15, 2011

There is such a thing as overworking an intelligent device. Believe me. Today I have been witness to the semi-demise of Old Faithful.  Has it ever happened to you that you type an alphabet character and it sits there and waits, and waits? And waits!  I'm not kidding, just typing these few sentences has taken me 10 minutes..... do you think that the Universe is trying to convey a message? Hehehe  The Boys like teasing me with tech problems. Many of you have been witness to it during some of our teleconferences. I think the Universe is trying to help me slow down a little bit.  These past few days I've been going at the speed of sound meeting deadlines, scheduling adventures and planning for fun. And I honestly believe that my Inner Self is saying: "Hey! We came here to enjoy the ride, but this looks like a blur! Slow down, will you?" But how can you slow down when life is soooo exciting! 

My day started with the traditional cursing at the sleep-stopper, then I took an H2O rain and spent another 20 minutes standing in front of the clothes-holder, waiting for enlightenment.  It finally came in the form of a paisley top (another courtesy of the Author in Florida) and some pretty cute Romes.  The trip to the learning house was seamless.  A very excited Grasshopper hogged the conversation all the way.  When I got back to the palace it was time for our weekly lesson with Mrs. Fabulous. Those are always exciting. Today the conversation was about culture and differences. The way people from one place perceive people from another.  It was interesting.  I am so glad to see that I have come to the realization that we are all A-OK. That it is all a matter of perception.

After that I pounded the letter board for a couple of hours and then it was time to do the usual route: mailing house, money-keeping house and picking up Diva, then off to pick up an even more excited Grasshopper. I pray to all the gods that have ever been that he gets enough balance to be able to focus on his learnings!

More work, then off to see the Manager's new digs!! OMG that dwelling is gorgeous!  We are all so proud and so happy for the Manager and the Sensible One! They are starting off with a very heavy right foot. Definitely!!!  After checking out the premises we all went to enjoy a meal out to celebrate for this auspicious occasion!

I am going to let the Universe take care of my technical predicament, as I am in need of Old Faithful for a presentation tomorrow.  Let's let the Universe surprise us!  This baby is not in a hurry tonight!

This evening I had another session with Mr. Studious.  He is a quick and enthusiastic learner. We are having so much fun!

Well friend, that's it.  O.F. is not being very cooperative and so I will let her rest.
And you too!

Ta-da for now!

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