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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 85 - June 17, 2011

It has happened! It finally happened! Guess what?  today I got a call from the Author to let me know that her book has been published!! This is such wonderful news!!! We had been waiting for this!  You may wonder why am I so excited about this. Let me put it this way, this book is like my nephew.  I knew about it ever since it was a wink in his mother's eye; then throughout its creation, and then, finally, I am very proud to report, that I was the first human to ever lay eyes on it besides it's creator.  Don't you think it's fair to say it is like a nephew? hehe  Besides that, when you travel through the story, you will realize that, in what may seem to be a very indirect way, source energy provided a lot of the information. You will LOVE it! 
Oh! Not only that, but our amazing Sunday Call is mentioned in the story!!!  By the way, don't miss it this Sunday (10:30 am New York time)

something needs to be said for the love that pups have for their pets (i.e. us humans), don't you think? Take Tripod and Freckles for example.  I'll be sitting here in front of Old Faithful, working away and minding my own business when I look away from the magic square and there they are, keeping me company, balancing my vibration.  Usually, one of them will be right next to me (whoever gets there first) and the other one not to far away, guarding the door, making sure that Yours Truly is safe and sound. And the most amazing thing is that they sense when I look their way, because it doesn't matter if they are slumbering (I may have just created a new verb), they will feel my gaze and immediately get up and come to greet me. Tails wagging and all.  I am so appreciative of them! They truly make my world a better place!  If you don't believe me, let me introduce you to Tripod, my fierce protector.

Today was a very busy day.  It started with my usual trip to Mr. Grasshopper's learning house, only today we had an additional passenger: Diva!  the trip was lovely and we chatted the whole way there. On the way back, Diva and I treated ourselves with a delicious hot beverage of the fancy cup kind and proceeded in the direction of her gainful employment place.  Then I visited the Manager at her Castle. Her castle is so lovely, it reminds me of a cottage taken out of a story book.  I am confident they will enjoy their dwellings tremendously.  THEN I picked up materials for my class and off to class I went....

This group is great. The dynamics are different, as expected, than the last one, but it is a very good group. We finished class and I got to the Palace just in time for my lesson with Mr. Studious. He is such an eager learner. I love it!  He has broken out of his shell and now is showing his true colors.  That boy has an amazing sense of humor!

Then the Manager, Diva, the Sensible One and Yours Truly visited for a little bit.  They just left, and I came over to talk to you.  Tomorrow will be a super early morning and I must confer with the fluffy one.

Nighty night night!

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Ana Paula said...

I looooooooooooove the picture of your furry friend!