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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Days 92 & 93- June 26, 2011

This has been a magical weekend. One of those that go by like a flash, but when you look back to think about it, you realize that you did so much!  First things first.... you are not going to believe this!  Remember the pond where the enchanted princes live? Well, it got a face lift!  Lord 1 came by yesterday morning and totally revitalized it!  Now it even works as a fountain!  This just adds to the magic of the back grounds.

After that amazing event, I went to a blind encounter of the dating kind.  What happened is that the Hungarian Horse Whisperer arranged for this encounter.  I enjoyed the outing and thanked the universe for once more letting me know that it has been listening.  Later in the evening, Mr. Grasshopper, Diva and YoursTruly traveled to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Galen.  You must know this, Mr. And Mrs. Galen are not blood relations but behave as such.  They adore Mr. G and wanted to celebrate him for having finished the secondary portion of his education, so they invited us to an eating house to enjoy food from PastaLand.  After that, we joined them at their mansion to witness a match of a very popular sport.  We had a lovely time, lots of laughter and emotions.  I tell you something, by the time we got to the palace the curtains were dropping heavily!

Today has been a very important day for me as a channel. It started with the magic of an amazing meditation.  One of those that feels like electricity runs all through your body and you can actually feel each of your cells being charged with this amazing power. A lot was revealed to me in those few minutes. What happens when things are revealed to me during meditation is not like I suddenly know everything, but rather it is like I know I am receiving important information, but I am not immediately aware of what it is. It usually takes a few days for me to realize what it was, and normally it will come out in the message that I convey. So today I got a chunk of information, so be ready for whenever it starts coming out!

And I actually think it already started.  Today during the Sunday Morning Gang, the call felt very powerful to me (if you were there, would you mind sharing if that was also your experience?). The message was conveyed with new clarity and the feeling that lingered afterwards in my heart was amazing.  After the call ended I took a moment to meditate for a little bit. I had just finished with the call when I received a call from Lord 1 inviting us for morning meal with their friends. We had the best food and the best company.  Then it was time for family meal. We traveled to my blood relations' home.  I'm not sure if I ever told you, but I am geographically-challenged. Well, I sought the advice of the cyber map to find a better way to get there.  I followed the directions "almost to the t", which means that I made the wrong turn and the trip, which should have been about 35 60-second intervals, took us 120 of those!  But the most important thing is that we got there.  Mrs. Yum and the Lizard were already there. Mrs. Yum brought some delicious nutrition and we all had a wonderful time. After eating we all watch a moving picture and then it was time to come back to the Palace and check on Tripod and Freckles. Boy were they happy to see us! They had been alone pretty much all of this day.

I have been trying to finish my projects before taking OldFaithful to the cyberdoc, but I think tomorrow's the day. Otherwise she's going to end up in intensive care!  I will use her smaller cousin to finish the work that I have now.

Oh, oh, oh!  I forgot to tell you that my gorgeous butterfly flew by many times as we were sitting around the bathing pond today.  Gorgeous. Yellow and brown. She was a very large specimen too! She kept flying around like trying to make us all jealous of her unmistakable gorgeous anatomy!

Now it's time to let the curtains fall and get some much deserved rest. I hope this end of the week as as magical for you as it was for me!

Here's a flower from my back grounds for your enjoyment. I hope it makes you smile!

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