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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 95 - June 28, 2011

What can I say?  the Universe just adores me!  Yes it does!  I had a wonderful day today. It started off with the house Whisperer and Mrs. Poet. Theyc ame over for morning nutrition. We had such a wonderful interaction.I really and truly did not want them to leave. But they had to, and they did. :(  So I decided to go on with my day... (not that I had any choice, right?).

It is always a great day when I get to spend it with Diva. We chatted, laughed and just had a really good time. Then it was time to pick up Mr. Grasshopper from his learning house.  Let me tell you, that hopper has become your average female magnet! Every day he comes back with a new story!  Gotta keep a watch on that Grasshopping charm! Today he had amazing academic news. Last learning house year he struggled with many subjects, but particularily with one that has to do with numbers.  So the whole clan got together and worked with him to help him out. We even got him extra help outside of the learning house.  Well... IT PAID OFF!  He has been promoted to a higher level!  We were all so excited when he told us and you can imagine that we have a pretty darn proud Grasshopper around here! Me personally? I can't even begin to tell you how proud that makes me feel!

Later in the day, as I was working away, this little popup came up on the viewing surface saying I had a dinner appointment! Yikes!  I had completely forgotten about it!!! So I got dressed and went over there.  The appointment was with Mr. Brilliant, who is one of the most amazing young men that I know. I had a couple of glasses of wine and before I knew it, 4 HOURS had passed. hehehe.  It's great to have fun! He is such a gracious friend.

You know something? Rmember I told you about the new "look" with the locks?  Well, I'm not convinced yet.  The good thing is that it's only locks, so it will grow out!

Time for me to hit the fluffy. I hope you are having an amazing week.  Tomorrow it will be dinner with the HorseWhisperer. Exciting! I haven't seen her in over 14 years.

Ta-da for now!

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Anonymous said...

SO proud of the Grasshopper. And I find your locks VERY attractive!!