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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 96 - June 29, 2011

Did I tell you how much I love Tripod and Freckles?  They are just amazing beings and they give so much love back.  When I'm around the palace, they follow me everywhere. In my mind, I play a movie in which both of them are my bodyguards.  Yes, I confess, I have a very childish imagination. And I have so much fun with it! Back to the bodyguards, whenever I am working with OldFaithful they both lay down close to me, but the moment I stand up they get up to follow me; seriously, you can almost hear them say: "She's on the move. Cover all angles!" Adorable, unconditional love.

This morning as I was transporting a very red Grasshopper to the learning house he suddenly got very upset about something that he thought he had left back in the palace. He raised his audible vibration and got very, very upset.  I pointed that out and he blamed it on his other progenitor. Being the mother that I am, I took the opportunity to talk about not blaming others.  Ready for his response?  Here it comes:  "I know that.  I know that I am not a victim and that I am the owner of my own vibration and my own destiny. I know all of that.  But sometimes you just need to let the steam out in order to be able to float with your flow, and the Grinch was the perfect excuse for that." Isn't that beautiful? I don't know how many times I have thought about whether he is "getting it", and what YoursTruly doesn't get, is that he gets it better than anyone around here!

Today has also been a day of pleasant surprises.  Many trips around the sun ago I used to work with this one particular business. Then my role changed and I had not spoken to them in 12 years. Well, today I called, not expecting to find the people that I knew back then. The first surprise was that the person who answer the ringing device in that department was the same person I used to work with, and the second one, as I wanted to add drama to my call and said:  "This is a blast from the past,"  he immediately recognized my voice and remembered my name!  Oh, that felt sooo good!  We laughed and  got caught up in our lives, and so, needless to say, he will be sending projects my way. Does the Universe adore me? Yes or yes?

To top it all off, I went to dinner with the HorseWhisperer, whom I had not seen in over 15 years!  We had a wonderful time reminiscing about old times.  Oh boy! Did we laugh!  We even made plans for me to join her in one of her rides!!! X-CITING!

Oh,oh,oh!!!  Guess who I saw today... guess.  Mr. Hawk!!!! YES! He was very seriously watching my back grounds frome a vantage point up in one of the trees.  What a magestic presence!

Very well, I must go now as tomorrow I have gainful activities. 
Sweet, sweet dreams!


siempre viva said...

Love your angels and the imaginary games that you have about them, yes channel you are the queen of you palace!
What an amazing clarity from such a young man but old soul... isn't he?

Patricia Designs said...

Bravo Mr. G.