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Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 98 – July 1st, 2011

I love fresh starts. I love the start of the day, the start of the month, the start of the year, and I absolutely looove the start of a new relationship. Don't get all excited now, I'm not about to reveal the new love of my life here. Did you ask why? Well, it's simple. I don't have one. But today, being the first day of this month, I was thinking about beginnings. Nothing tops the beginning of a new life, though. There is nothing more precious than a brand new baby. Be it human or another being. But of course Iprefer the human kind of babies. I'm not going out on a tangent (or maybe I am, we'll see). I started thinking about this because this end of the week we will be celebrating Mr. Grasshopper's appearance in the hologram. He's taken almost 15 trips around the sun this time around and we all believe it calls for a celebration. I started thinking about that amazing feeling that I got the day he showed up. A brand new arrival! So full of possibilities. From the getgo we knew he would be a great manifestator. His physical apparatus has caused him some contrast but his zest for life only gets stronger by the second. Wow! I am excited and intrigued to see the amazing creations that he will continue to manifest. Yep! I did go out on a tangent. So sorry!

Today was a blur. I literally spent the whole before-lunch hours on the talking device. Trying to get some things going. And we did. Old Faithful is starting to feel the years in her GigaBytes. Didn't I just sent her to her day spa? Well, now that she knows the trick, she's been hinting she needs to spend a longer period of time there. Watch this thread closely because I can almost bet you that all this pushing and pulling with OldFaithfull is going to climax in an amazing manifestation. I just know it!

Tomorrow we will hold our Spanish Teleconference. We already have many people sign up so it promises to be a lot of fun. I also have to get up at the crack-of-light, so I better make this short.

And speaking about fresh starts, tomorrow is the Author's anniversary of her arrival into the hologram. Such an important day! Again, another beginning. This time around a very important beginning for her, as she will be starting a new cycle (it's a long story). So that is another big reason to appreciate.

Remember this Sunday is our Sunday Morning Call with Gorgeous and the Sunday Morning Gang. You can join us and participate in the call.

Very well, this is where I'll stop tonight. I hope you are enjoying your experience in the hologram. I certainly appreciate you being around at the same time as me.

Good night!


siempre viva said...

I love new beginnings as well and I love the way you appreciate everything that you have to be grateful for, you are such a teaser though ;))) but even with that I love you, Yeiii!!! for the celebrations of life and very excited for the conferences is a joy as well to be here with you, all of you!

Patricia Designs said...

I love this part,"is going to climax in an amazing manifestation. I just know it!" You are always expecting something great to come your way...and I want to adapt this way of seeing life. Whenever a constrast is surfacing, it throws my balance and succumbed to depression. Thank you.