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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 118 – July 26, 2011

The Boys say that sleeping is playing in the non-physical. I do believe they are right. What I wonder is why sometimes I seem to be inclined to do it more and more often than others. Take these past two days for instance. I have been so sleepy! It's funny, it's like I will be doing something but in the back of my mind I am already planning when my next shut-eye session will be. Trust me, I'm not complaining here. I looooove slumber! Just like a teenager. No, scratch that. I love slumber more than a teenager J

I have also had the opportunity to see how meditation and positive thinking help our physical bodies. As you probably know, these past few weeks have been crazy-busy around the life of YoursTruly. Between teachings, trips and family events, this Channel was moving full speed ahead. Well, my physical anatomy started feeling that level of activity and day before yesterday gave me clear indications that it was going out on strike. Seriously? I thought to myself, you can't stop now, channel, there's much to be done! Well, knowing that there is no use in worrying about disease but that we should focus on softening our vibration, I did just that. I started meditating more, softening my thoughts more and loving myself more. I am happy to report to you that today I feel like new! Yeehaw for meditation!!! Seriously, you should try it out. It's very easy and you don't need a degree to practice. Just sit comfortably somewhere in your castle where you won't be interrupted for a little while (you can also do this in your traveling vehicle… as long as it's not in the moving position!!). Then close your eyes and begin by taking 3 very slow, very deliberate breaths. As you do that, focus on the air entering and leaving your body. "See" it travel to your breathing sacs and filling your hemo with O2. Then you can continue breathing normally. I know, I know what you're thinking: "Oh, but my mind won't let me focus." Well, good news, it doesn't matter. When you realize that you are focusing on a thought, take another long, big breath and focus on that. The whole purpose of meditation is to quiet your mind so that you can drop resistance. I promise you that if you do this for 3 weeks in a row, just 15 60-second intervals a day, you will feel like a new person and will notice that wonderful things are happening in your life. I'm not kidding you! Try it out.
Just this morning I was doing so in front of the clear wall that faces the magical grounds (remember? Where all of our feathered and furry friends come to play with us?). I had been feeling the pressure of the perception of lack and wanted to soften that vibration. I have started doing the Meditation for Abundance and felt I needed to soften my general vibration further. The meditation started seemingly "uneventful." Then Mr. Grasshopper came and sat besides my anatomy willing to meditate. I tell you, that boy would benefit from a meditation in movement because he never stopped making noises, scratching his toes, stretching his arms, coughing, etc., and at the end of all 5 minutes, he declared: "Wow! That was so good! I love meditating!" I, on the other side, had to refocus and start all over again. One thing I will say, sharing meditation time with him is priceless! But anyway, back to what I was going to say. After that second round of meditation I opened my eyes and right in front of me, on the other side of the clear wall, there were 3 friends of the red feathers kind…. Looking at me! Yes! The three of them were mesmerized staring at me. At first I thought they were looking at the reflection of their own beautiful anatomies, but when I got up and moved, they followed me! I loved it!
Now, don't think I'm coo-coo, but lately I have noticed that my communication with some of our friends of the animal kingdom has become more intuitive. Seriously. It's like "I get them." Specially those of the barking kind. I assume this is because of my alignment or maybe because I don't give it too much thought, but even dogs that are walking their pets around slow down and greet me. Just today I had two examples of that. One was as I was coming out of the palace to take the disposables to the disposing can, there was a woman walking her furry friend right in front of the palace. Well, he got so excited that he pulled her to come by to greet me. She indicated that he didn't usually do that unless he knew the person. Then later in the day, Diva and I drove up to the Manager's house. As we were walking to the front door, another furry friend who was walking her pet got all excited and kept greeting me from a distance. Amazing, uh? Don't roll your eyes! Remember, this is my story and it's all about me!
Also today, Ms Bite invited Mr. G and me for midday nutrition and a splash in the water tank. Oh, that felt soooo good. Ms. Bite is an amazing cook and had some pretty darn good nutrition for us. Splashing in the water tank was such a relieving experience! The temperatures around here have been pretty not-low, and jumping in the water-tank sure helped a lot!
Another exciting thing today (exciting for Mr. Grasshopper, I should say) was that Mr. G and YoursTruly went on an adventure. I took Mr. G on his first RedBullet driving lesson! I must report that he did well.

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