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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 121 – July 29, 2011

Have I ever mentioned to you how much the Universe adores me? Hehehe Don't roll your eyes! I'm just kidding with you. But not really, because the Universe DOES adore me, by the way.

So this is how the story goes. Last week during my bouts of lack-feeling I told the Universe to quickly send in the miracles, and as I mentioned before, one answer came in fast and furious! Well, another answer just came in today. As I was talking to someone I dearly love, we were exchanging stories on how the universe really and truly responds to our requests, when she responded to mine! I was not asking. And honestly, I had to tell her that I needed to have a chat with The Boys before accepting the offer. When I did ask The Boys the answer was loud and clear: don't we always tell you to let the universe surprise you? Are you surprised now? Boy-oh boy-oh boy! Am I EVER? This one came completely out of the left field! THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!

Today was Mr. Dandy's anniversary of his arrival to the hologram, so I used that excuse to call him on the talking device and chat with him briefly about his lovely persona. He indicated to me that he has a new love interest in his life! Yeehaw for loo-ove!!! The most amazing thing to me is that his "significant other" doesn't even know in reality just how lucky she is to have his attention!!! I also heard that his next of kin, Mr. GoldenBoy, is also enjoying of Cupid's influence! I was so happy to hear that! And the best thing is that I may get to meet the lucky ladies on my next trip to the Great Tenochtitlan. Oh, love, love love! How wonderful it is!

Mr. Grasshopper is becoming more and more helpful. It is such a joy to watch him become such a fine young male human being! Today he put on his batteries and helped Diva out in cleaning the cooking room. He took out the bag of disposables, put things in their right place, helped clean some more, and at the end of it all, turned to me to say: it is a great satisfaction to me when I realize that what I do matters. To which I responded: but, everything you do and think matters. Even the things that you may think have no importance. He stopped for a second and then turned around, and with that wise innocence of his, he said: oh, I get it! Is this why you say that the things that I live are the things that I think? So if everything that I do or think matters, that is why sometimes my fears become true and that is why I always get what I want. Because it matters! Floored... again.

Today we paid a visit to Mr. PetWhisperer, who found Freckles in a much better state of health. Her hearing apparatus is healing nicely and she seems much better overall. Besides the treatment prescribed by Mr. PetWhisperer, I have been treating her with energy. Every day. And I think it is working.

This promises to be a great end of the 7-day period. First off, tomorrow, we will have the Live Meeting in H-town and will be recording more moving images for the Tube that is not You. Then on the next day, we will hold our Sunday Morning Call. This time, Gorgeous DownUnder is unable to attend, so guess who will be hosting this call? The Manager in the flesh! Actually, in the voice, hehe. Both events promise to be pretty darn good, so don't miss them!

Thank you for the amazingly wonderful review and detailed report on my book The Universe at Your Feet! It truly made my heart sing with love and appreciation. I also appreciate all the messages you send with comments on this adventure. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying reading me! Thank you!

More to tell… later in the evening I traveled to the Book Dealer's home. She had invited me, along with another friend, for evening nutrition and some business talk. It was a lovely evening and the ideas started firing inside my thinking apparatus. We shall see.

On my way to the BookDealer's castle I had a conversation with a very dear non-related relation; she was down and out and needed a shoulder to cry on. We had to get off the talking device and did not finish our conversation. Later in the evening, during my meditation, I made sure to send vibrations of love, harmony and peace her way. She is shining like a rock star; she just has not seen it yet. I truly do believe that when you reach important goals in your life, they always come hand and hand with some sort of contrast. What I know now, is that this contrast is only there to allow us to enjoy our goal even more, and not to cast a shadow on our happiness.

I am writing to you during the ungodly early hours of the next day. I want to tell you that last night I believe I had a full-fledged conversation with some of my relations that are no longer in the physical. But that's a whole other story. I'll tell you more about it later.

I do hope you are feeling the love, because it is pouring out of here!

See ya!

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