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Monday, July 25, 2011

Days 116 & 117 - July 22 & 23, 2011

I'm getting there! I'm getting there! The Channel is catching up!!! When did life get so crazy busy? Whew! I tell you, lately I have been enjoying the perception of time. OK, I'm not sure about the "enjoying" part of it, but I have definitely been very aware of time! Hehe. And, of course, the more I become aware of it, the more acute the lack of time feels.

Life is good. Actually, life is very, very good. Let's see. On Friday morning I got together with the Manager and Mrs. Galen for the morning nutrition. It was fun talking to Mrs. Galen. We don't seem to get together unless there is some kind of celebration and then, with so many humans around, it is impossible to really communicate. So it was a great opportunity to talk to her. You must know that I've known Mrs. Galen for many, many trips around the star of our system. She and Mr. Galen have been like blood relations to me. The same goes for their gorgeous offspring. After the morning nutrition I went to the class location. Class went very well. Amazingly, this is the last leg of the course. This group of students was very, very nice, but not as cohesive as the previous one. Young Mr. Brilliant paid us a visit and everyone was impressed by him.

Guess what? Mr. and Mrs. Convert just found out they are going to be grandparents!!! Yeeeeeee-haw!!!!!! It turns out the young Mr. MedicineMan

Mr. Grasshopper has been spending some time with his other progenitor. He calls at all hours of the day. We are both excited to know that he will be coming back to the palace in a couple of days He has been reporting being extremely excited about the game where you chase the ball and kick it. He feels he will be admitted into the team. This has given him a new perspective on his creative powers. You see, what happened is this, he was not very confident about being able to make it but his desire to join the team was humongous. It didn't matter how many times we spoke about him creating his own reality and how thoughts become things, he definitely had fears about not being able to accomplish what he wanted. Now that he has, he's a different man. Now he says: I don't know why I was so scared, I'm obviously good!

Saturday was spent in class all day. By the time the day's instruction was over, my physical machinery felt so tired, I came back to the palace and was ready to call it quits when Diva called. I suddenly got a second energy surge and invited Diva to the viewing house. We had such a great time. We watched a moving picture about men upset at their supervisors. The story was more than silly, but it was just what the doctor ordered! At first I was a little bit annoyed by the simplicity of the humor, but after a few minutes I found myself laughing and having a great time. On our way back to the palace I received a call from Lord 1 inviting us for evening nutrition at their castle. They were having some friends over and graciously invited us to join in. I tell you, Lords 1 and 2 are AMAZING hosts!!! They had a whole array of nutrition. They are such wonderful people. Their friends were visiting from my home town so we had a good time talking about things in common. Oh! How the Universe adores me!!!

Oh, by the way.  Don't worry about it.  The writings will be here for you whenever you feel like reading.  It's all good!
Earlier in the day, when I was coming back from class, I realized I had not been thinking about butterflies lately. The weather has been so not-cold that I'm sure they must be hiding from it. Well, I didn't have to wait long. As I drove up to the palace I saw her! She was very still. Standing on a little flower by the shade. Not wanting to be noticed, though not being able to hide her beauty. She was yellow and brown. Gorgeous! It is amazing how little things can sometimes make a huge difference in our lives. This little thing; this little butterfly made my whole day. It lifted my spirit.

And with that amazingly good feeling, I end my account of these two days. Hope you are finding reasons to smile and appreciate!!! I certainly am.

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