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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 61 - May 23, 2011

Well, hello there!  I hope your week started with a bang!  Mine certainly did.
This morning started with a lesson with Mrs. Fabulous. She had not seen the new digs and she just loooooved the Palace.  We had a great meeting and agreed on future plans for improving her language skills. This is getting funner and funner by the second!

After that, a very reluctant Grasshopper and YoursTruly went to run some errands, then it was back to the Palace, picking up Diva and then they dropped me off at a class I was giving this evening.  After the class was finished (great people attended the class, by the way), the three of us went to catch a moving picture.  I really enjoyed it, it was about a certain pachyderm.  Diva, who by the way is  all savvy in matters of drama, thought that the best acting was done by the non-humans.  I really didn't care. I enjoyed the story and so did Mr. G.  We decided we would not be swayed by Diva's expert opinion and are determined to keep the good tasting memory of the production.

SWEET & MAGICAL MOMENT ALERT!!!!! Earlier today I had a lovely experience.  As I was bathing the vegetation, a yellow butterfly came and posed on my hand! That was so amazing!  It was such a magical moment that I froze like a statue. I did not want to break the spell.  After what seemed like a brief moment, a black butterfly came fluttering around and both of them took off to play. WOW!!!!  How totally AMAZING that experience was!  Yes, I know you are probably thinking I'm exaggerating, but the truth of the matter is that we make of each moment what we want to make of it, and to me, that moment was liquid magic; it was soft, fragile, and yet so powerful! But the meaning was mine completely. I chose to make it magical. I chose to freeze time and enjoy the company of my winged friend. We choose to make our moments whatever we want them to be. If we choose not to find meaning in them, then they won't have any meaning and more and more seemingly meaningless situations will come to us, that is, until we decide to change the channel. ;-)

On another note, I shall report to you that the magic squares keep disappearing.  Today I just didn't find the will or the energy to open a new one, but tomorrow is another day.  One cube at a time and in no time the parking room will be free and ready to be used as such!

I am so grateful for having you as a companion on this journey!  I am so appreciative of the time that you spend reading me!

I must go now. Tripod is looking at me like if wanting to hypnotize me. That means I have not paid enough attention to him today. After all, I left him for 5 FULL DAYS and in his mind, I should compensate him for that time!

Smile big, the Universe adores you!

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Monina said...

Cuando yo me voy tantos días mi "Tripod" (tiene otro nombre) me pone de penitencia y no me "habla" por varios días... me mira como diciéndome: "me eres indiferente".
Me alegro mi querido and crazy chanel que estés de regreso a tu casita y que me hayas llevado contigo en tu "viaje".
Y me alegran también tus mágicas mariposas.
I love you so much.
¡¡Te leo mañanaaaa!!! He visto que vas a seguir ocupadísima pues muuuucha gente quiere verte y visitarte.