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Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 64 - May 26, 2011

Today has been a day for allowing.  If you ask me what exactly I did today, I will honestly reply that I have forgotten half of what I've done.  What I do know is that I have been living in the moment for the most part of the day and that, my friend, THAT feels amazing.

Let's see, well, we took Freckles to the Petwhisperer who found that she is much improved. So that was a very good thing.   After that we took Diva to her place of gainful employment and Mr. G and I proceeded with our driving marathon.  We had so many things to do. Now, as I am talking to you, I start to remember some of the things that we did.  There was nothing important there, just your regular, run of the mill kind of day.  However, one thing that is never ordinary is having conversations with Mr. G.  Today, as I was doing my motherly duties of lecturing him about something ( it was soooo important I can't even remember what it was all about), he turned around and with that mix of innocence and confidence he said, "Do you want to know something?  Today it hit me. Today I realized that what your Boys keep saying is actually true.  It actually works.  I think that because I was so upset for not having what I wanted it was not coming to me, but now that the pressure is off. Now that I really don't mind, now everything is happening."  When I finally shook my astonishment and was able to breath, he added, "I have made all this cool stuff happen. I have even changed my appearance to look the way I wanted to look. I'm super cool!" I was stupefied. All I was able to do was nod. The wonderful thing about Mr. Grasshopper and many creatures his age is that they do not need to think about spirit or LOA or anything of the sort, because their connection to source is so amazing that they truly follow their bliss.  Of course, at that age they start wanting to break up and be "taken seriously." I personally believe that we should all strive to be taken lightly. Life would be so much more pleasant for so many!
Today Ms. Yellow and Ms Black were, again, playing in the back grounds together. Those two have so much fun!!!
I'm afraid this is as far as this Channel will get tonight. The face curtains are closing on their own and the fluffy is calling my name.
I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to give you a big hug.  Your presence here has meant so much to me!
Talk to you tomorrow?  I sure hope so!

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Patricia Designs said...

I love your Mr. Grasshopper he is adorable, intelligent, caring, loving, great heart, an excellent creature.
Blessings Mr. G.