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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 65 - May 27, 2011

Some people seem to think that the more you connect with your spiritual side the less connected you are with "reality."  I don't know what you think about this, but I think that's not true.  I have found that the more I come in tune with my Inner Self, the more I understand the "reality" that so many make such a fuss about. The difference is that once you have come into alignment with that Inner Being, reality takes on a whole different meaning. It is no longer "it"; you get to know reality for its face value and that face value is the value that each one of us assigns to it.  On the same note, reality morphs and adapts in sync with our thoughts and focus, and not the other way around.  Have I managed to confuse you? Don't worry, you are not alone!  I thought about this because today, as it has been happening more and more lately, I took some time to discover what was going on on the stage of the back grounds. And again today I was fascinated by the script.

All the creatures came to play their part. The friends of the feathery kind. Red, black, blue and white; the enchanted princes came out of their watering hole to play; Ms. Black and Ms. Yellow made several appearances on stage; Tripod and Freckles had a blast out there. Everybody was having a wonderful time.  I took time to notice this and actually got excited.  As I was relaying this to an old non-blood relation I could tell that he was completely detached from the conversation. I could almost see his eyebrows raising and his eyeballs roll. Hehehe.  He doesn't know what he's missing!  Mr. G on the other side, was very reluctant to come out and help me bathe the vegetation, but once he did come out, he thoroughly enjoy it. He was annoyed at first when I called him to come closer to look at the princes trying to jump out of ther habitat, but then he got all excited about it.  He now looks for the butterflies! I find that endearing.

The Manager returned from her trip. I am excited to see her tomorrow at our PowWow (check it out:

Sunday we will be attending a wedding. We are all excited about it.  I went to buy a garmet today (not the one I wanted but one that I thought would be acceptable) but Diva seems to think it is completely not my kind of stuff.  We shall see what happens with the garment.

I know there are no coincidences.  As it happens, tomorrow Saturday would have been the birthday of one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world: The Voice. He is the one responsible for our Sunday Morning Calls ( and was a real support in helping the message from The Boys get out there. He left the physical at a very young age and we all miss him dearly. Well, today as I was signing on to my cyber head notebook I realized that it is also the birthday of this particular TriDiva, a person who left a significat impression in my life because of her dedication to the families she worked with. She also left the physical at a very young age and very shortly after The Voice.   I just find it amazing that two people from completely different backgrounds, who never knew of each other, but that both left a long-lasting impression in the life of YoursTruly, would arrive to and leave the hologram almost at the same time. So in-sync. Yeah, I know the essence of who they were and are is smiling, sorry, smirking, right this second! 

I am so glad to know that you realize that you are the vortex!  Yay for YOU!!!! And just remember that you can color those forces, that hurricane that you are constantly attracting, with any color that you choose. YOU choose it, nobody else can choose it for you.  Wow... you really are powerful!

Message has been relayed to Mr. G.  He was very pleased!

Well dear friend, again it is late and I must confer with my nest and fluffy.

Go ahead and catch some z's!

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Patricia Designs said...

I hope Channel that you have a great time at the wedding, you deserve it! Thank you your blog is helping me understand about the vortex, being grateful, abundant, appreciation of the love around us, and so many things.