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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 62 - May 24, 2011

This has been one of those evenings where I sit here, staring at the magic panel, waiting on inspiration.  the words are just not willing to come out on their own!

Well, all I can do is my best, right? So that's exactly what I'm going to do.  This day has been a very good day.  Let me think, it all started when... I woke up really really early and did my morning meditation. I wanted to do it outside but some of the tiny winged members of the animal kingdom where out with a vengeance and I just couldn't turn the other cheek! hehehe, so I decided to meditate indoors.  Meditation always makes me feel good, however, there are some special times when the feeling of the meditation is such that I "come back" and feel like I am sitting on a cloud; and that feeling lingers throughout the morning. It is very special.  Today was one of those meditations. Hmmm!  Lovely!  Then I came to sit in front of Old Faithful and respond to some cyber communications (I am still trying to catch up from the trip!).  After that it was time to take Mr. G to his the rehearsal of his event. He was pretty excited about it.  While he was there, I decided to buy some blossoms to enhance the beauty of my backyard. Oh! I had so much fun picking the ones I wanted! So many colors to choose from. I really wanted to bring them all!
When we returned to the Palace I got to work with the blossoms and became the victim of an army of pismires. In other words, I became their lunch. I hadn't had that happen to me in the longest time and I remembered that my body would have a strong reaction to these bites.  Well, I'm happy to report that this time around the bites were very mild. Just like a mild  reminder to appreciate my physicality. And a reminder to appreciate the Grasshopper, who by that time was driving me non compos mentis.
Later in the day I had an interview for a worldly job. It went well and I believe it will bring peace of mind while I continue spreading the message. I love being in a position of choice. I love the feeling of knowing that I get to pick and choose what I want. I get to decide what I want to do, when and for how long.  Isn't that just beautiful?  Realizing that nobody has the power to create in your reality and that we are not subject to the will of others? I find that refreshing. I may have already mentioned this on this blog, but to me it is such a liberating feeling that every time I think about it, I just have to say it again.
Oh!!! Super important!!!  While I was working with the blossoms I had the pleasure of several visits by my dear friends the yellow and the black butterflies.  They are BFFs apparently, as I have seen them together already several times.  Later in the day I was checking on my cybernotes and discovered that "someone" had left a beautiful picture on my floor.  A picture of a gorgeous cyber butterfly! 
I was talking to Mr. Grasshopper about how much in-tune I feel with our earthy elements and, how magical the world has become for me. Mr. G, true to his nature, responded: "Of course it would! You are as spiritual and magical as the wind! You are like Source disguised as a woman." And with that, he turned around and left me there, muddied feet, dirty hands and completely dumbfounded.
Oh, another discovery...  My back grounds are truly magical. There are all sorts of creatures playing around there day and night. There is a certain fountain that is no longer in service, but is full of slimy contents (the same one Tripod decided to splash into when we first moved); well, today as I was earthing some blossoms around it, I discovered that it is the home of 4 enchanted princes! Now, you must forgive me, but I think that I will pass on the honor of kissing them to see if one of them is THE ONE.
Not bad for someone who couldn't start writing! Would you agree?
I hope you find your happy every day. I certainly do.
Until soon!

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