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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 63 - May 25, 2011

What a day this has been!  I have been busy doing one thing or another since the big ball of fire showed up on the sky this morning.

First things first.  Today was a big day for Mr. Grasshopper as it was the last ceremony of this stage in his learning track. He was so excited he couldn't talk about anything else since he opened his eyes this morning. It is beautiful to watch him be so much in the moment. Watching him not caring about anything else but his enjoyment made me think: that's the trick! That exactly is the trick for attracting everything you want into your life experience. That made me think of something else:  the vortex.  Some people say "get in the vortex" or "you are out of your vortex"; if I am understanding correctly what The Boys are saying, we are always  in the vortex. Actually, we are the vortex, so we can never step outside of our own force. However, when we are harboring thoughts of disconnection; when we are in misalignment with our Inner Being, the forces that we are attracting feel very uncomfortable. We are still the vortex, we are still the eye of the hurricane, but we are attracting things and manifestations that don't feel good because they are matching the thoughts that we have been offering.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that this being all high and mighty, this having the power to move mountains and create worlds, this amazing power that we are, is pretty darn amazing. Yes Sir-ee!

So back on track. Focus Channel, focus!Remember how I told you how abundant I feel?  Well, today I received another manifestation of abundance.  I received a call from place of business of which presence I was not aware, and they offered me more opportunities to create abundance.  Isn't that amazing?  I just can't stop being in awe of how this whole thing works. You knock, and the Universe opens the door in response.  A-mazing!

Later in the evening we set sail to the event venue.  The ceremony was very nice and the clan showed up to congratulate Mr. G in such an important event. Boy, was he proud and happy!  He was walking tall and he also looked amazing!  I must tell you something else, Mr. G seems to be a little bit of a charmer with the ladies.  I'm just saying.

Mr. Grinch was there in the company of Mr. Mordacious.  I must tell you that Mr. Mordacious and I used to be very good friends. Many moons ago.  I had not been in his presence for at least 3 years and it was nice seeing him again.  He began to make fun of my ability to channel and of the book that I've written (The Universe at Your Feet), but my Inner Being gracefully skirted the subject and switched the focus to be on him.  He liked that.  At the time I thought nothing of it. But I must confess that as the hours passed I felt a slight sting. How could it be that he would point a finger at me and call me a witch? By the way, nothing against witches, I actually think they're pretty cool.  It was the intention behind the comment what rocked my balance.  But then I thought, he didn't rock my balance. I was actually doing pretty good, it was I who chose to focus on his words, his tone of voice and maybe the intention behind his words, but it wasn't him, I chose to rock my balanced stance. So after about 2 minutes of feeling like a victim I took a long, deep breath, and decided to come talk to you. You are much better company than those thoughts of disconnection.  And sure enough, the minute I sat in front of Old Faithful, I received a communication from an old non-blood relation with happy thoughts and amazing news of a new romance in her life.
Right this second Diva is sitting next to me, looking at me intently as if trying to hypnotize and distract me from my conversation. She doesn't know I am talking about her (at least not yet). She wants to have a conversation with The Boys and there is no dissuading her tonight!
Tripod has found a new favorite dig.  While I sit here in front of Old Faithful (which happens many hours throughout the day), he hides between the window coverings. Since these particular window coverings are a little bit long, he wraps himself around them and then takes a very long time trying to untangle himself to come out and play. He is just adorable.
Well my friend, I don't think I can keep Diva away any longer. She is inching closer. She has grown very quiet and is starting to breath deeply (a sign of allowing her own essence to flow). This promises to be good!  I'll make sure to tell you about it.

Hope your dreams are sweet and fun. Remember to write your appreciation list. Remember to love yourself.

Ta-da for now!

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Patricia Designs said...

Dear Channel,
I am in the vortex all the time, I am the vortex. I remembered being consciously in the vortex and feeling invincible. I should try to get there more often. Thank you