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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 66 - May 28, 2011

Channeling is always a powerful experience, always. But there are times when it is specially powerful and today was one of those times. From the Channel's perspective I can tell you that today during the  PowWow, my experience was amazing.  It is amazing when I am able to completely "step out of the way" and allow for the energy to flow as freely as possible. That was the case today. I let The Boys run loose and have fun with those present. There are a few things that happen when I channel, usually not all at once. One is the chills. Whenever The Boys are coming through, I get this chills that start on the bottom of my legs and run all the way up to my shoulders and down my arms to the tip of my fingers; I can also get very hot. I mean, I literally start to sweat like there's no tomorrow. And while I channel, my vision changes, it is like if I was looking at everything through a special kind of thick glass that enhances and intensifies everything I see. Well, today I had the three sensations, all together.  The group today was very nice.  Much smaller than last time but really, really nice. We had two new participants join us and I believe it all added to the magic. To make a long story short, when I opened my eyes at the end of the session, there was not a dry eye in the room.  That's when I know that the messages were so powerful that they elicited the deepest of emotions in each person. One of the participants even mentioned that she felt like her InnerMe was trying to come out, to flow through. Wow! To be a witness of this is amazing! By the time we were finished my head was covered in sweat and my spirit was soaring!  While we were visiting prior to the session the butterflies kept playing around outside. Just to enhance the already magical event.
Earlier in the day I had spent the time taking Tripod and Freckles to the PetWhisperer's establishment for wet therapy and preventive potions of the injectable kind; then I worked in front of Old Faithful getting things setup for my upcoming class and I also make sure to bathe the vegetation. Wow, having such a beautiful back stage sure takes a lot of work.  I am thoroughly enjoying it, I should add.
After the Powwow, Diva Mr. Grasshopper and YoursTruly went out in search of suitable attire for tomorrow. We didn't find anything, so we decided to go to a nutrition establishment (courtesy of Diva) and then off to another establishment for a slice of.........MY FAVORITE CHOCOLATE CAKE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!    Wouldn't you say that this was a perfect day? I think so!
Mr. Grasshopper is something else.  His thoughts are focused on a particular person to whom he does not seem to be indifferent.  And now this has opened a whole new world for him. It is endearing to listen to him talk about love with so much energy and excitement!
I must let you go now.  I should prepare my traveling pack for tomorrow. I will report on the dress later on (still undecided).
Don't forget to join us tomorrow with Gorgeous DownUnder and the Sunday Morning Gang (  It is an amazing way to start your Sunday!

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Patricia Designs said...

Hello Channel,
Yes, Sunday morning was very good, it was nice to hear the guys in the group asking questions.
Hope the wedding was fun.