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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 73 - June 4, 2011

Not all days are created equal, would you agree?  Today was a clear example of that. Stop it!  Don't roll your eyes. You're probably thinking "Right, Channel, great discovery. Of course every day is different."  What I meant to say is that some days have a distinct feeling about them. It may be an ordinary day, but the feeling about it may be completely different and thus, the day may feel specially different. If you ask me, I could not put my finger on what made today different. Or maybe it was everything about today that made it feel all special.  We'll see. You be the judge.

It all started when.... hehehe. Gotcha! Well, you saw at what time I hit the nest this morning. Needless to say I got very little Zs as I had to wake up at the crack of  light in order to get to my instruction assignment on time.  the trick was getting Mr. Grasshopper up and running so I could deposit his lovely self at Mrs. Yum's and then on to my commitment. Mr. Grasshopper did not take lightly having his slumber interrupted and was a joy (Not!) to deal with for a while.  Have you ever heard the saying "It was like herding cats"? Well, that would've been a breeze compared to getting my adorable yard creature in the Red Bullet.  Have I told you lately that he's a full-blown teenage grasshopper?  Well, he is. And if you've ever lived with one, or if you were ever one, you catch my drift.  Once we were about halfway to Mrs. Yum's, and after a friendly match of let's-see-who's-right, we got back to center and went back to our lovely relationship.  He is truly a joy to have around, don't get me wrong. But there are moments when he stimulates my expansion into a higher spiritual realm! hehe. I must admit that my human anatomy felt the effects of lack of rest this morning- not to mention not having meditated - and so my fuses were prone to short.  I am so grateful to my Inner Moi for being so present and tangible that it allows me to put things into perspective pretty quickly, before matters get unnecessarily out of hand. Yay for Moi!!!

Even with all this turmoil and fireworks, Mr. Grasshopper managed to let his natural brilliance seep through and lighten the vessel we were traveling in.  We started talking about the travels we want to take (as you may know by now, it is one of our favorite subjects).  I guess my mind was somewhere else. It was being "realistic" and I said something that sounded almost like a disclosure (I am laughing as I type this. I am almost hearing this sound in my mind "Warning! Dreaming of such travels may lead to disappointment!"); out of nowhere, Mr. Grasshopper Lama turned around and said: "Now remember, if we want it enough to dream it, it must manifest." Yep, I thought the same thing.....woooooow! How cool was that? Coming from a teenhopper I think it is pretty darn cool.  And with that, he proceeded to let Elton's magic enhance the moment with his notes.

My instruction sessions went seamlessly.  The participants were interested and enthusiastic.  We had 6 languages represented in the room and everyone left with a big ol' smile on their faces.  Ahhh!  What a great satisfaction that is.

When all was said and done, I rode the Red Bullet back to Mrs. Yum to pick up my precious load and back to the Palace. Not without picking up Diva from her place of gainful employment.  Now Diva, she's another magnificent story.  Not enough can be said about her.  She is a being of light and wisdom. She is wise and free. Actually she is free and then she is wise.  If you know Diva, the first thing that comes to mind is "Freedom." She is one of the free-est (I couldn't figure out how to spell it!) spirits I have encountered. Diva cares almost nothing about the status-quo, let alone the who's who! She is who she is and she has taught me so much in this ride we have decided to share! Whenever I want an honest perception about anything, all I have to do is run it by her and I know that in return, I will get the most honest and profound opinion.

By the way, Mrs. Yum listened to the interview on Universal Energy on Blogtalk Radio and chuckled when she heard you thought she was MR. Yum.

After I got to the Palace Ms. Bite and Mrs.Splashy came over for a visit. We had a lovely time! We missed LadyLust who had to cancel at the very last minute.

And that's my day in a nutshell.  Why was it special?  Well, maybe because I chose it to be! :-)

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. It certainly is around here.

See you tomorrow!

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Monina said...

OK mi amado Canal... ese día fue maravilloso y especial... pero hoy releyendo el blog, me quedó resonando la palabra "teenhopper" y me reí mucho pensando ¿y nosotras qué venimos a ser? "oldhopper" No no no... Prefiero ser como él: una eterna teenhopper ¿no te lo dije? Lo soy!!! Y muchas veces teen a secas... Pero cuando te leo siento que tú eres una total y acabada childhopper... Y no sé de dónde me salen estos términos, creo que mi Ser Interior me está enseñando varios idiomas... :D ¡Container de besos!