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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 74 - June 6, 2011

If I keep on skipping days, this 365-day blog will take 2 years to complete!!  No problem on my end because I thoroughly enjoy talking to you., but it would be nice if we can stick as closely as we can to the one year mark, right?  Let's see what the universe has in store for us. "Let the Universe surprise you", say the voices in my head. hehe

I shall give you the abridged version of yesterday.  Yesterday was another wonderful Sunday. It started with my favourite group of people:  the Sunday Morning Gang.  Those 60-measurements of time spent in interaction with The Boys will bring anybody's vibe up to the roof!  After that it was brunch with a very lively crowd.  Then... off to visit with Ms LadyLust, the Manager and Diva (Grasshopper in two of course!).  That was also a very pleasant event.  LadyLust had a surprise for me. She had framed a few stills taken at the nuptial celebration we all went together.  She's adorable, I tell you.  LadyLust is the kind of human that will go without in order to help you. Now. with my "new beliefs" I know that there is no benefit or glory in sacrifice, but I do know that she comes from a very good place.. and that counts for a few brownie points, don't you think so?

The rest of the day was spent quietly t the Palace.

Today I spent the morning keeping company to a very special individual who is at a nosocomium.  I have to give testimony of this because it is amazing to me the effect that good vibration has on everything.  I had been told tht this particular individual had been very combative, not wanting to take the potions prescribed by Galen's breed. Well, from the moment I walked into his area we hit it off.  We conversed and he made all the sense in the world.  By the time I left he was sitting on a chair, holding hands with his wife of 57 trips around the big star. I think that by being around positive vibration and alignment, he allowed his vibration to come up and be a match to mine. It was beautiful.

Oh, you're going to smile with this one!  As I was walking in the institution this morning a fleeting thought crossed my mind. I hadn't seen butterflies in two days.  The atmosphere has been hitting the triple digits, so you can imagine they are probably staying in the shade.  Well, as I walk into the building I looked up and saw this person holding several balloons in the shape of a butterfly. Excuse me?  the universe what?  Oh!!! You mean the universe is listening!!! YES!!

I must hit the nest soon as I promised I would be back tomorrow very early.  I will keep you posted.

Smile big.



Masarie said...

How lovely :)

Monina said...

Bib big smile... no porque sea gracioso este día que relatas, sino porque como yo vivo en un Universo que no respeta las horas del reloj y en general no sé ni en que día vivo (lunes o viernes) pensé que yo me había saltado un día y lo buscaba sin poder encontrarlo y jajajajaj ¡¡te lo habías saltado tú...).
Sobre tu día... algunas cosas -no diré cuáles- resonaron fuertemente conmigo. Algunas cosas que te suceden o el modo en que las ves... a veces son respuestas para mí... ¡¡como tus bellas mariposas!!
Besotes, te quiero