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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 76 - June 8, 2011

the cursor has been blinking on and off for the past ten minutes. Nothing comes to mind.  My brain has been driving on fumes it seems. Ever since the early hours!  I don't have a reason for having brain exhaustion, but today that's what's for dinner. hehe

I had a meeting with the Book Dealer. Spending time with her is always a pleasure. She is an example to be followed. I tell you! I am so completely lucky. The Universe is bringing to me, at my door, some of the most amazing people. People from whom there's much to be learned. We had a nice visit over a cup of aromatic hot concoction. That was a very nice change of pace!

After that I flew the Red Bullet back to the palace and loaded a not very happy Grasshopper.  These days his health is not performing at an optimal level and so his mood is not at its best most of the time.  His system reacts to triggers in the environment and it is not a happy day around the palace when that happens. We picked up Diva, who had had a wonderful day at her place of gainful employment and, much to Mr. Grasshopper's delight, were invited by Ms. Diva to an eatery of Mr. G's preference for our midday meal.  There I ran into someone I knew from my old employment. We exchanged niceties and it was back to eating! hehehe

When we got back to the palace I came to work with Old Faithful. I found all sorts of messages when I came back. i love it when that happens!

Then in the evening my new learner came over.  We will be spending an average of 20 hours together, speaking another language.

Oh!  Another thing! I took a test tonight. OMG was it difficult!!!  At my years learning slows down big time!  I was certain that with my experience it would be a breeze, HA! Little did I know!  Anyway. No biggie. What I thought was this: if I don't pass, this gainful employment is not the way the Universe is going to bring me what I want. So at the end of the day, everybody is happy and everybody wins.  Am I right or am I right?

I'm sorry to report that today was really not an eventful day at all.  I wanted to bathe the vegetation but the temperatures outdoors were so not-cold that I just stayed inside. I was lazy, and it felt soooo goood!

Dear friend, I am sure tomorrow will be more exciting.  Thank yoiu for sticking around and thank you for your lovely emails!

Ta-da for now!

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