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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 77 - June 9, 2011

As many of my days, this one started with magic.  And I mean MAGIC.  It turns out that my dear Merlin is a master in tarot reading and he did a reading for Yours Truly! So imagine this, you open your eyes to a new day, have your meditation, come to sit in front of the magic square and the first thing you read (fresh out of the press) is what the stars are saying about you. You and I (and Merlin) all know that the Universe is always responding to us, always responding to our vibration, and what amazes me is to see that everything is in perfect harmony. It is like the perfect symphony where all the notes fit in the right place.  Merlin read my vibration and from what I was feeling in that exact moment in time he was able to prospect my future.  Of course I know that I will change things as I change my perspective, but it never ceases to amaze me how we are really and truly one and it is only our physicality that gives us the impression to be separate.  We are one, but we are unique.  Fabulous!!!!  I read Merlin's reading and it felt so accurate! I will read it again to get the full effect of his words. Life is amazing and this boy has a gift!

Today I also heard about HIM. Aaahhh! It is always a very good day when I get to hear about HIM.  Nothing special. Just gossip.  hehe I can almost see your face. Big question mark asking the screen "And...why did I need to know that?"  You really didn't but it's part of my story. Bear with me!

Mr. Grasshopper was a joy to have around today. Remember I had told you that his physical apparatus was not working at its best?  Well today we had to visit his MedicineMan.  He loved the new Grasshopper 'look' with hat and all. I'm happy to report that Mr. G is A-OK. Needs a little bit of breathing potion and should be feeling like new in no time. I have to tell you that he has gone through a transformation.  That hopper just looooves the person he has become, and whenever my old self pops up, he says, "Your Boys are always saying that one must love oneself. I'm just going with my flow."  What am I supposed to say after that? Nothing. Let him be!  He is adorable and what a wonderful thing it is to witness when a human being is truly admiring his or her creation!

Something is up. he has been helping all day long! And without any fuss! Amazing.  Not amazing, LOVELY!

I had a moment of negativity surge up today and suddenly the world turned dark and my existence felt limited. I'm in awe of how the feeling changes quickly after we shift our focus.  The reasons why I felt that way are unimportant and binging them up would only enhance them, but if you have ever felt like the rug from under your feet has been pulled, that was exactly the feeling. I lost my center, my balance, I even got very upset at Diva and Mr. G. And all of this because for a few minutes, I forgot the power that is me and focused only on what was lacking in front of my eyes (which, by the way, have a very distorted perception of life! = my brain).  I have to realize that my fuse has been short lately. I tend to become impatient or intolerant very easily.  It goes away as quickly as it came, but it is like a lingering threat.  I blame this to the fact that I have too many pots on the stove and I forget that it is not up to me to make sure they don't burn.  I still try to control situations or try to make things happen, instead of letting them happen.  Human nature is human nature, don't you think.  The good thing is that I am able to find my center pretty quickly.  Three years ago, whenever things like these happened, it would take me days to start feeling better. I even think that I felt that my responsibility was to focus on the problem all day long until I found the answer.  Now my focus is to see how quickly I can let it go so I can enjoy.

I spoke with a couple of people from the old nosocomium.  I was flattered to hear that my name has come up in conversation. Most importantly, that they would like to have me back.  This poses a real mental dilemma and my brain hurts just thinking about it, so I will meditate and let the universe surprise me with the answer.

Tonight the Clan sleeps under the same roof! I am so fortunate to be sharing this trip with my wonderful companions!

To you, my dear Friend, I wish that  you find reasons to appreciate. Every day.  Be happy.


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