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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 75 - June 7, 2011

I am so happy for the Manager and the Sensible One!!!  But I'm even happier now that I can tell you what is going on.  I had been sworn to secrecy and was not able to spill the beans.  But now I have been given permission to speak freely!!! Yeehaw!!!
Well, it so happens that those two just bought themselves an amazing castle. It's a deal!  they just have to put a few stitches here and there, but the castle is completely theirs. This makes them soo happy and brings tremendous joy to my heart.  And talking about the Manager, I don't remember if I have told you who she really, really is. When you meet the Manager you just fall in love with her demeanor and her quiet but classy look.  Don't be fooled by her sweet appearance. She is silent dynamite! She has always been the kind of female being who wants to be in good terms with life and with those who came to play with her. However, she does have an opinion and is not shy about expressing it. I cannot tell you how many times I have whispered to her ear: "Filters, Manager, filters."  If you are lucky enough to be considered one of her loved ones, I can promise you that you have an ally forever. She is loyal to the bone. Sometimes misunderstood because of her outspokenness (is this a word?), but definitely a loyal friend. I just know that when the Manager is around, everything is A-OK.
I don't even know why I started with the Manager, but I did and that's that, don't you think so?  I agree with you that I could very well fit into the "childhopper" category. This life experience is way too much fun.  People sometimes don't know what to make of me, because of the times I've travelled around the big star on this trip to the hologram; some believe I should be more "grounded; maybe even serious," and my looks may even deceive you, but deep inside I am pulling up a prank or telling myself a joke.  The best think that could have ever happened to me was to have The Boys tell me that life was supposed to be an amusement park.  I actually felt relieved when I realized that I didn't have to take myself so seriously.  Don't get me wrong. I can be trustworthy to those around me, but my zest for life has acquired a new meaning. Aaaahhhhh!  That felt soooo gooooood!
I had almost forgotten my arguments with the waking device (how do you like this name?), but this morning I had an opportunity to remember!  My day started with an all too familiar cursing at the waking device.  I had agreed to be at the nosocomium super early to take care of my new BFF.  I was on my way out the front access hole when the ringing box stopped me.  My BFF's condition had changed and they wouldn't need me to help on this day.  Well... what to do?  I was already bright awake, showered, dressed, face mask on, even perfumed...hmmm. When everything else ice-cream! Just kidding, I sat down and had a long and sweet meditation.  Little did I know that I was going to need those effects later in the day. 
I was meditating when Mr. Grasshopper made his appearance. He had spent the night at the Grinch's and had just been dropped off at the palace.  I swear, that Grasshopper grows taller whenever I'm not watching!
Mr. G came in with strong desires to have fun and be entertained. Unfortunately for him, that was not in the cards, and hence my comment about the benefits of my morning meditation. Needless to say Mr. G and YoursTruly bumped our cephalic anatomies all day. He hears me talking so much about abundance that he does not understand why it is that my abundance is not allowing him to enjoy everything he wants.  So we had a long talk about appreciating what you have and knowing that better things are already on their way.  "Yeah," he said, "I understand all of that, but why don't you hurry up and manifest it all so we don't have to worry about pennies?"  I had to laugh.  If he only knew how many times I have sat there in the darkness (of my moods I mean) asking the Universe to hurry up.  So we continued talking and his humor just shone through.  At a point I was telling him that the universe was always listening and guess what his response was?  "The Universe Request Line.  Your call is important to us.  Please hold and someone will be with you as soon as you come into alignment."  OMS (Oh-My-Self), I laughed so hard.  At that moment all the friction of the day dissipated and we couldn't hold our laughter.  I tell you, that Grasshopper cracks me up!

Other than that, my day was spent catching up with work and bathing the vegetation in my whimsical retreat. Oh!  Remember I had told you we had 4 enchanted princes in the pond? Never mind!  There are 8 of them! All shapes and sizes.
I also started recording a couple of meditations but the system was not cooperating, which tells me now is not the time.

Just a little while ago I got a message from a blast from the past.  Someone I had not seen since I was 20!!! Yeah, THAT long ago!    He shall be remembered as Chopper. Anyway.  Back in the day he used to make my tickler tick. Big time.  It's funny how the universe works, because just a few days ago I remembered a dancing gathering we attended together during the last century. Hehe. To make a long story short, we spoke on the talking device and he will be visiting my city in a couple of weeks on business.  We agreed to meet.  This sounds like a lot of FUN! Watch it, we won't even recognize each other!

Very well my faithful friend.  This is where we stop today. Not without reporting to you that, to make up for lost days, today I had the pleasure of the visit of 4 humongous butterflies. Yellow with black. Adorable!  Tripod and Freckles send their regards.

Until tomorrow!

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