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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 79 - June 11, 2011

My biological clock is backwards. And by this I don't mean to say that I am getting any younger, what I mean is that I'm more productive and awake when "normal" people are getting ready to go to bed and sleepy when they are waking up and ready to start the day.  I must have been an owl in one of my previous trips to the hologram. And speaking about owls, it's funny to see how things just go hand-in-hand.  A few days ago I saw an interesting paperface of an owl and read the article that came with it. I had never read anything about owls before and found it interesting.  Then that evening Mr. Studious came over and told me a story about owls living near a palace I used to inhabit, and then, just to top it all off, Lord No.1 told me he was going to rename me NightOwl. You connect those dots!

Today was a very interesting day.  Last night I retired to the nest early as this morning I had to be up way before the big ball of fire to start a new adventure, of the gainful ones!  So, as I was playing in the non-physical my communication device began to make noise. It was Mr. Grasshopper who was feeling under the weather at some friend's house. To make a long story short, he ended up going back to the Grinch's house (who initially behaved in honor to his name). I must say I lost my equanimity. For a few moments there I was worried and felt very limited, but as he started feeling better so did I.  Being a progenitor is the darnest thing. You experience empathy at its best.  Needless to say, when it was time to rise and shine, I was deep in non-physical-land and the alarm clock had to listen to my complaints.  The good thing is that I don't hold grudges.  After just a few minutes I was ready to ramble! I did my 4 hours of speaking on the phone and then went back to dreamland. That was short lived as Freckles and Tripod made sure to let me know they needed to stretch their paws outdoors.

I think that alone would've been enough for one day, but it wasn't.  Lord 1 called to invite us to play at his water hole. I promise I would as soon as I came back from running around with LadyLust.  She had invited YoursTruly to enjoy our midday meal together.  Oh, did I enjoy that!  We caught up on gossip and spoke about how grateful we are that we came into this hologram in the same pack.  I believe that all of us must have really, really, wanted to come and play together as we have a very special bond between us. So very fortunate! It was such a nice lunch as we spoke about our appreciation for family. That always lifts the spirit. 

After my return to the palace, I put on my watersuit and off to the Lords' dwelling I went. Aaaahhhh! That was so nice and refreshing!  All we did was float around and talk about the weather.  Then Lord 1 had to leave and me too as Diva would be waiting for me. What a nice break in my day that was.  After that it has been working in front of Old Faithful.  I forgot to tell you!  the Universe is making things happen!  I got another little project last night and must be ready at the start of the week, so I have been burning the letter pad!

As I was traveling around at the helm of the Red Bullet, the Manager called and asked to speak with The Boys.  I would rather not be asked to channel as I am doing something else, especially not as I am focusing on the road ahead, but something compelled me to say yes.  It was such a nice experience! The Boys appreciated the opportunity to guide the vessel and we all had a wonderful time.

I am so thrilled that so many are reading this story! Thank you!  I am always amazed when I peek into the numbers. Each and every time I let out a:  "OMG!" thanks for sticking around!  I know some days are just...days, but I promised I would tell you the way it goes.

By the way, and before I forget, Mr. Grasshopper has been informed of all the amazing and wonderful comments that you have sent about him and feels thrilled!! So, on his behalf:  THANK YOU! You are definitely  contributor to his good feeling state of mind.

Fluffy is calling my name. tomorrow is another red-eye special.  It's been lovely talking to you. Hope your dreams are sweet. Remember to write them down!

Ta-da for now!!!!

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