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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 122 – July 30, 2011

It's amazing to me the way time seems to just fly by. Just look at the date, we are already into the second half of this trip around the sun. Actually, the Manager was talking about how uplifting it is to think that soon the weather will be more agreeable. And speaking about time, that seemed to be one of the focus points during today's Let'sMeet. The Boys, if I recall correctly, spoke a lot about how wonderful we are (OFC) and how time is only a perception, but that we mastered the concept to such detail that even our bodies respond and agree with the passing of time. All I have to say is WOW, we really are amazing. Other subjects touched upon were: the hologram (try explaining that one!), health and wellbeing and meditation. Powerful meeting!

I just read the above paragraph and it made me chuckle because you may be scratching your head thinking "What do you mean by 'if I recall correctly'? You were channeling, right?" And the answer is yes; however, when I channel it is like listening to a conversation that is going on at the table next to you in a busy restaurant. I am aware, I am there, but I am not participating of the conversation, therefore, I only remember snippets of the conversations.

Let me tell you a little bit about day 122 in the life of this Channel. Well, it all started when…. I did my early morning laboring, then went right back into the nest and hugged the fluffy for a couple more hours that felt like complete and absolute bliss. Then I took Diva to her place of gainful employment, came back to the palace and proceeded to load the RedBullet up with the seating surfaces for the let'smeet at the Manager's castle. But before traveling to the Manager's lair, I paid a short visit to Miss Bite, who was not feeling all that cheerful. We talked for a little bit and I allowed for the Boys to come out to play with her. She did not realize they were there but the effect of the "therapy" was unmistakable. Hehe, tricky, Channel, tricky! Then it was off again, now to the Manager's castle to hold the Let'sMeet. Not a lot of people showed up, but like I said before, the content was amazing.

When I came back to the Palace I sat down in front of the clear wall and just stared at the magical grounds. I watched how all of our friends of the fluffy tail kind, our furry friends, and a couple of enchanted princes, played along in perfect harmony. As I was in this staring mode, not thinking but just being a spectator, something changed. I suddenly went into this sort of trance and was able to see the works of the hologram. Very clearly. I suddenly felt how I am part of everything that surrounds me. It was one of those "Aha!" moments. It was just a fleeting moment, but what a revelation! I had a chat with Mrs. Yum. I have missed seeing her lately. She's been busy with her reality and I have been busy with mine, so we have not been seeing much of each other's physical manifestations. I also held a conversation with the Author earlier in the day.

Mr. G is away at the other progenitor's home. Can't deny the fact that his presence around the palace is greatly missed, but we know he is having an amazing time and that makes it all better. Today I also received a call from Mr. Vapors. And why, you may ask, is this important? Well, you must know that Mr. Vapors and YoursTruly were once united in matrimony… a long time ago. He was calling with concerns about Diva's imminent departure to the City with the Not-so-small-apple. Mr. Vapors and this Channel had not had a civil conversation in many trips around the star of our solar system, so it was a change of pace. A nice one! J

Later in the evening it was dinner out with the Manager and the Sensible One, and then a short visit for the Manager to play with Tripod and Freckles. You may wonder where, at all this, was Diva? Well, Miss Diva was having a jolly old time with her peers!

I don't want to end today's recount without thanking my ChannelSister for bringing out her Guys to provide confirmation. You see, this does not happen often, but are been times when the channel benefits from a confirmation of the messages received. Whether because the information received is of an extremely personal nature, which makes objectivity fly out the window, or because it is so important that the channel wants to make sure that "she's getting it right." That was the case with some information that I received recently and so I asked my dear ChannelSister, who was happy to chime in and provide help from the spirits! I am happy to report that the message confirmed my own. Yeeeeeeee-haw for Spirit!

 Anyway, I think that was about it for the day's account.

As always, it is lovely talking to you. Thank you for sticking around!

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Patricia Designs said...

Dear Channel,
OMG, talking to your ex! I'm glad you had a nice conversation, things change with time.
You missed your Mr. G and I missed having my little one around.

All is well, thank you Channel.