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Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 124 – August 1st., 2011


Hello, hello, he-llo! I am in such a good place right now it is not even funny! I just understood something very important about contrast. You know how the Boys are always saying that contrast is our tool for creating something bigger and better? And many times they use a headache as an example. They say, "when the headache actually goes away, you feel even better than before your headache started." Well, today I had an opportunity to confirm that same example in my own beautiful anatomy. I came back to the palace after a full day of gainful labor, and had the strongest pain in the head (hehe, couldn't resist it) that I had experienced in a long time. This is relevant at many levels, you will see why. Don't be inpatient; I'll get to the point sooner than you think! Well I took a, right, go ahead, say it, yes, I took a nap and a couple of allopathic remedies and it was still pounding strongly. I prepared evening nutrition (which, I don't mean to brag- but I will- it was delicious!) and the uncomfortable sensation of pain was still there. Then I came to OldFaithful to talk to you and it got even worse. So finally I heeded what my Inner Me was trying to tell me: Relax, breathe, energy. And I did. Now I feel much better than even before my uncomfortable event started! YEE-HAW FOR WELLBEING!!! The reason why I say that this has relevancy is because on last Saturday's Let'sMeet someone asked about just that: headaches, and The Boys even indicated that YoursTruly hadn't had any for a while… Did Source speak too soon? Is that even possible? Or was that a message for the Channel, hidden in an answer to somebody else? I believe that the latter is the most fitting in this case.


Oh, but let me tell you about this day. It was wonderful, full of activity and of learning opportunities. So… as part of my gainful activities I was sent to this particular institution to act as a bridge of communication between people who do not speak the same tongue. It was all fine and dandy until I got there and realized it was a facility where they house people who are not allowed to be free. Hmm, I thought to myself, this day already smells like discovery! That got my blood running, not to mention the fact that I had been listening to Elton all the way into my assignment (which, by the way, was super early!). Anyway, I parked the Red Bullet and proceeded to the gate, where the prints of the extensions of my upper extremities were taken, as well as information from my permission to control the Red Bullet. I was led to this looong corridor in between two very tall fences of barbwire. Wow! This felt like being in a movie! I felt like James Bond's assistant or something like that! Well, after passing through about 20 check-points I was led into the hearing room where shortly after Mr. Benchman showed up. Then the fun began. The most important thing is this, as each case followed the previous one and these people in colorful scrubs kept coming forward for their day in the lawful room; after listening to all of those stories, some lame but others gruesome and looking at the faces before me, I realized that at the end of the day we are all made of the same stuff; what's more, I was deeply and pleasantly surprised to discover that after doing some soul-searching, I felt true and unconditional love for each one of them! Wow, I thought, "Channel, you've come a long way." I was pretty proud to realize that there were no mental finger-pointing events, and that I was able to see beyond what appeared to be on the surface. That's pretty heavy-duty stuff, don't you think? This type of realization doesn't come without a profound sense of self-worth.


And speaking about self-worth, did I tell you that I am taking a dose of my own medicine? Ok, Ok, it is not MY medicine, but the prescription comes out of my lips. I'm allowed to get some credit. Throw me a rope here! Anyway, you know that the Inspired one and YoursTruly have published a Journal; one that, if you follow the instructions, will guide you to a much better place in only 3 7-day rounds. The whole purpose of this book is to help you increase your perception of self-worth. So anyway, I started mine! And I can tell you that already I love myself a little bit more.


I feel abundant. I feel fulfilled and happy. I love being in this place of appreciation!!! BRAVO!!!


Oh, guess what, Mr. Grasshopper had another bout of clarity today. As we were preparing the evening nutrition, he said something like "that made me happy." I thought nothing of it, but a couple of seconds later he said: "No. that's not right. What really happened is that I chose to be happy about it. Nothing has the power to make me happy, right? I'm the one who decides how I want to feel." There you have it. Spirituality 101! There is your secret to a better life!


Another amazing reason to appreciate is that today I received a call from Dear Mrs.FrenchMex. She is visiting from far away and wanted for us to meet in the physical. That alone helped my heart burst into song; but the good-feeling events didn't just stop there. She proceeded to inform me that my Spanish book: El Universo a Tus Pies, has been of such amazing help for her, for her employees and the children that she cares for. I was so humbled to hear this and so proud and happy at the same time. She indicated that the way that these complex concepts are explained in such simple terms makes it even easier to relay the message, even to small humans. Isn't that just amazing? Let me tell you something about Mrs. FrenchMex, she owns a teaching place for small humans in my home town, but this is not a regular teaching place. These tiny humans are taught the ways of the universe, energy and manifestation in their everyday activities. It is truly amazing and I am so lucky to know her.


I exchanged a few emails with Mrs. Convert. She is such a breath of fresh air! I keep forgetting that she is no longer at her old place of gainful labor and that I can really and truly communicate with her at any time during the light hours.


And just to top it all off, hang on to your seat. Today I saw my friend the hawk, only this time, he came closer to me. As I was looking out the clear wall at the palace, admiring the grounds and just focusing on nothing, I saw his great wings appear and come close. I actually thought he was going to smash he gorgeous anatomy against the clear wall. But he didn't. He posed his feet on the ground, just a few feet away from me and just stood there for what felt like an eternity but was actually a few seconds. He stared at me, square in the eye, and then dismissed me like an unimportant piece of mail. Hehehe What magnificent beings they are! I had not seen him in many days and was wondering if he had flown to greener pastures, but here he was, magnificent, strong and proud.


And well, as every other good story, this one must also come to an end. This has been an amazing journey and I am so appreciative of you! Hang in there because it can only get better!

Ta-da for now!

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siempre viva said...

How nice the feeling that you are making such a BIG difference in the live of many...
I can see how proud of yourself you are being in a place where there is so much judgment and feel none of it inside of you, what an amazing realization dear channel!