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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 127 – August 4, 2011

Working in a legal setting with bigwigs and Yourbenchmen can be a pretty limiting experience. There are tons of rules and regulations. To the point that you don't know who you are allowed to address and who you aren't allowed to address. However, today my experience was one of liberation and compassion. This one case was particularly complex. Bigwig and Itsmyfault were not in agreement on one side, and on the other side, Yourbenchman was getting a little annoyed with the situation. Me? Oh, don't worry about me. I was just sitting there, speaking in tongues and fascinated by the display of emotions. For a moment I forgot where I was and could see the divine nature in each one of us acting, playing a role in this room through our amazing anatomies. Well, to make a long story short Itsmyfault fired Bigwig right there and there, and YourBenchman, who initially fired up like dry wood, suddenly calmed down and offered help to Itsmyfault. It's all fine and dandy, you may think, however the most curious thing is that apparently this act of unselfish kindness had never before been witnessed on this Yourbenchman (the same one who was supposed to be mean, remember?). Aaahhhh! The joy of witnessing human kindness is sooo unique!

Today I had an epiphany. As I was sitting outside the Yourbenchmen's building, waiting for Diva to appear at the helm of the Red Bullet, I suddenly realized how TrunkandLeaf beings actually have an awareness that I had not been aware of before (hehehe, pardon the redundancy!). I was sitting on a sitting surface right next to a beautiful Trunkandleaf. Something made me reach out and touch it's rugged surface. I left my upper extremity there for a couple of seconds, just resting, and suddenly I could feel the energy emanating from him (why "him"? I really don't know. Let's just leave it like that!). It was amazing! I could feel we were communicating at some level that my mind does not comprehend right now. No, you can rest assured that I had not ingested, smoked or inhaled anything prior to this experience. I promise! It was an amazingly refreshing experience.

And speaking about refreshments. I finished the above paragraph and drew a blank. The words were just not coming to me. So I picked up the talking device and established communication with Mr. and Mrs. Convert. It is always a good day when I speak with them. We spoke a little bit about everything, but more than anything, about creating and manifestations. I must tell you that they are some of the closest human friends of The Boys. The message that is given through my vocals has really hit fertile soil in their hearts and they now fully enjoy a magical world. Every day. I was excited to hear news about Mrs. Convert acquiring Real Estate. This is such an exciting stage in both of her experiences in the hologram! Hurray for the Converts!!! Oh, Mrs. Convert also shared how writing her daily list of dreams and appreciation has led her to some amazing manifestations. I tell you, this stuff really works!

In a conversation with Mrs. Yum I realized just how much I have grown. We spoke about going through times that may not be as financially abundant as we may like them and also about the art of receiving. Bingo! That's it! That is one of the things that I have come here to learn! Almost all of us love to give. We like to help and be the ones with giving power, but what many of us don't master that well is the art of receiving. The art of saying "THANK YOU! Yes, I accept your help." And you know something? (watch it, here I come with another epiphany) knowing how to receive plays a huge part in lowering the resistance to allow for the Universe to bring us everything that we have dreamed of. Have I managed to confuse you? That's what I thought!
Anyway, I think that's about all I have to say for now. Freckles has been sitting next to me, staring at me like if trying to hypnotize me. She's such a funny furry friend!

It's good talking to you. I hope you are finding reasons to smile every day!

Nighty night!

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