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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 126 – August 3, 2011

Do channels break traffic laws? Or better yet, should channels be waived the penalties for breaking traffic laws? I kind of like that idea! What happened is that I received a not-so-lovely notice by snail-mail indicating I had not respected a red traffic bulb. My immediate reaction was "ridiculous! I am sure I did stop." Well, thanks to our amazing technology I was able to see the event on OldFaithful. Yep! There it was, clear as a whistle: a moving picture of the Red Bullet happily ignoring the traffic light. I must thank the Universe for reminding me that there is no rush, right? I'll do that tomorrow! Hehe

Today was a really ordinary day. It started off with Diva taking me to a place of gainful activities where I helped a Mr. Benchman speak to people of other languages. The assignment was uneventful and I was "set free" a couple of hours before what was expected. So Diva and Mr G came by to pick up my anatomy.

When we got to the palace I heard a loud call from my fluffy. "Come to me!" It kept screaming, so I did as I was told and took a very loooong nap. What was my surprise when I woke up? Mr. Grasshopper had fixed the evening nutrition all by himself! I was so much in shock that I couldn't speak for a few minutes. But I was even more in shock when I tried his concoction! The boy has a future in nutrition preparation and we didn't even know that before today! Hurray for Mr. G!!!

Well, that's been about it. After enjoying Mr. Grasshopper's delights, I came to Old Faithful and did some hard typing labor. Now it's time to hit the nest as tomorrow I am back to aid the same Mr. Benchman. Oh, you know what? On Monday somebody told me that this particular Mr. Benchman was a not-so-nice one, so today I told The Boys "Come on, Guys! Let's tackle him together!" A few deep breaths, a smile on my frontal surface and to my surprise, there was no need to tackle anyone. The male human was as nice as nice comes and we worked swiftly for 6 uninterrupted 60-minues intervals. He even asked several times if I needed to rest. Isnt that nice? I thought so!

Would you come back to read me tomorrow? I really hope that you do!

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siempre viva said...

Yeiii!!! for Mr. G that is a very good point in his favor with the ladies, a man who knows his way in the kitchen is a treasure to have and I know how pleasant in the surprise of one of your kids cooking for you, what a delight...

Yes channel when you bring your inner being to the work place with you they will only see the best in everyone and the others can only reflect that to you, what a nice experience.